FTC sues to stop Kroger-Albertsons merger

In court filings the antitrust agency says letting the two giants join would harm union grocery workers in particular.

Washington AG sues to block Kroger-Albertsons merger

More than half of Washington supermarkets are either Kroger or Albertsons owned. The merger would eliminate head-to-head competition.

Decision nears on Kroger-Albertsons merger

If Biden’s FTC approves it, a combination of Kroger and Albertsons would create a near-monopoly. The two of them own 40 grocery chains in all.

The software that ate my paycheck

What’s behind the incredible string of payroll ‘errors’ at Fred Meyer, Providence, and the State of Oregon?

Albertsons’ $4 billion dividend moves forward

Attorneys general are concerned the dividend could cripple Albertsons at the same time regulators are evaluating the company's proposed merger with Kroger.

Washington sues to stop Albertsons’ $4 billion dividend

Unions representing grocery workers say the outsized payout could destroy the nation’s number two grocery chain.

At the ‘Big 3’ grocers, bargaining begins with UFCW

Despite a new Oregon law, sick leave may still be an object of contention in the contract talks

Unions ask Congress to let distressed pensions trim retiree benefits

10 million workers are covered by multiemployer pensions, but at least half are in serious trouble

UFCW grocery workers ratify more contracts

Some 14,000 workers in Oregon and Southwest Washington have wrapped up voting on new three-year contracts.

Grocery workers ratifying new contracts

The contracts covering 14,000 include a 25 cent raise and 15% health insurance increase.

Mayor-elect Hales to grocers: ‘No one wins in a race to the bottom’

Hales spoke to union grocery workers before a scheduled round of bargaining.