Kate Brown

Governor Brown nominates unionists

Several union figures were among the 76 individuals recently appointed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown to state board and commissions.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown proposes more money for labor law enforcement

Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle is asking for an additional 25 full-time staff. The governor’s recommended budget proposes to add 11.

Teachers union blasts Governor Brown for reversal on school reopening

Oregon took months to develop guidelines for safe reopening. Now they won’t be enforced, Governor Kate Brown announced.

When are elected officials going to get serious? Unions condemn the continued mask shortage

Remember the proverb about the kingdom that was lost for the want of a horseshoe nail? Today, America is in crisis over the want of a 60-cent mask.

A top national union leader, on the stump for Oregon Governor Kate Brown …

AFT national president Randi Weingarten praised the governor for preserving health care for low-income Oregonians.

Questions for Kate Brown

Northwest Labor Press senior staff reporter Don McIntosh spoke with Oregon Governor Kate Brown about some of the issues that matter most to working people. Here's what she said.

Oregon public employee unions drop corporate tax transparency initiative to focus on defensive ballot fights

To unite business and labor against a pair of anti-tax measures, governor Kate Brown brokers a stand-down on a union-backed initiative.

Face time with the governor

Before addressing delegates, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown sat down with the Labor Press.

Building Trades back Governor Kate Brown for re-election

Building Trades union delegates also heard from Republicans Dennis Richardson and Greg Walden.

Oregon’s new governor, Kate Brown

The newly sworn in governor also has a decades-long relationship with organized labor