Joe Biden

Biden once again touts unions in State of the Union

On March 7, President Joe Biden once again used the widely watched speech as a pulpit to promote labor unions.

Biden goes to Belvidere

Wearing a red UAW Local 1268 T-shirt, Joe Biden celebrated UAW's massive strike victory Nov. 9 with a crowd of UAW members in Illinois.

Abruzzo shows what it’s like to enforce a ‘pro-worker statute’

The NLRB hasn’t had this energetic of an enforcer in more than half a century. Jennifer Abruzzo is refocusing the agency on its founding goal.

National AFL-CIO endorses Biden for re-election

Seventeen months out, it’s the earliest the federation has ever voted to endorse in a presidential election.

Biden nominates Julie Su to be Secretary of Labor

If confirmed by the Senate, she would replace Marty Walsh, who is leaving to become head of the National Hockey League Players’ Association. 

Biden: ‘Let’s finish the job’

Three Oregon union members were guests at Joe Biden's 2023 State of the Union address, which featured heckling and off-script engagement.

Biden: Congress should impose rail contract

To win paid sick days, union rail workers are ready for a nationwide strike. But Biden wants Congress to force them to accept a contract they rejected.

Union Joe

In his latest vocal support for unions, Joe Biden spent Labor Day talking up the labor movement at appearances in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. 

From warehouse to White house

Workers organizing at Amazon, Starbucks, REI, Seattle game maker Paizo, and the animation studio Titmouse recently visited the President.

Biden in Portland: ‘Union workers are the best’

During a brief visit to Portland, President Joe Biden said union workers and apprenticeships will be vital in rebuilding U.S. infrastructure.

Manchin, Sinema, Kelly: Which side are you on?

Last month's U.S. Senate derailing of President Biden’s nominee David Weil was a sobering loss for the union movement.

Labor lauds Biden pick for Supreme Court

Past decisions suggest Ketanji Brown Jackson—who'd replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer—will side with unions and working people.

The most pro-union president of your lifetime

Joe Biden isn’t getting a lot of love these days. But so far the record is clear: Labor has never had such a friend in the White House.

Massive infrastructure and jobs bill becomes law

The new law spends $1.2 trillion over five years to upgrade bridges, highways, rail, transit, ports, airports, water systems, and more.

Biden’s new trade enforcers

The Biden Administration continues to name union figures to top government positions. The latest two appointments will oversee trade policy.

White House task force will promote union organizing

Officially federal labor law is supposed to encourage collective bargaining, but Biden says the government "has not used its full authority.”

Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan

President Biden is asking Congress for $2 trillion in federal investment in infrastructure, research, training and home care over a decade.

American Rescue

Signed into law March 11, a year after COVID was declared a pandemic, the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill took effect almost immediately.

A message from the president

With Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama voting on a union this month, Joe Biden speaks out: Unions built the middle class, not Wall Street.

Biden moves fast on pro-labor agenda

Two weeks in, Joe Biden is showing signs he may make good on his election eve pledge to be “the most pro-union President you’ve ever seen.”