Janus v AFSCME

Janus is upon us, ready or not

More than ever, public sector unions will need to engage members to take on the work of the union, and focus on bargaining for the common good.

A new era in American unionism

What might a post-Janus world look like? West Virginia just gave us a glimpse.

U.S. Supreme Court hears the Janus case

Janus v AFSCME, about public sector union fees, is the biggest union case in a generation.

Right-to-work nation? Getting ready for Janus v AFSCME

In less than two weeks time, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the most significant labor law case in decades.

Trump Administration comes out for ‘right-to-work’ in public sector

The Justice Department filed amicus briefs in looming Supreme Court case Janus v AFSCME.

Supreme Court to hear case challenging union dues

Janus vs. AFSCME could be a severe blow to public sector unions and the labor movement as a whole.

‘Right to work’ coming to the public sector

A Supreme Court ruling that ‘fair share’ fees are unconstitutional is likely 6 to 13 months away.