Ironworkers protest Facebook

In a major expansion of the Facebook data center in Prineville, Oregon, a general contractor is using low-wage nonunion ironworkers from out of state.

Shame on Fortis? Or should it be ‘Shame on Facebook?’

Building trades union leaders are irked that some of the work on the Facebook data center in Prineville is going to nonunion subcontractors that pay below area-standard wages and use workers from out of state.

Construction workers building ‘the cloud’ in Central Oregon

Oregon east of the Cascades is becoming one of the world’s prime locations for data centers.

More workers fired for Facebook postings

A Frito-Lay worker is fired after complaining about a supervisor on Facebook.

Workers fired for Facebook posts; NLRB investigates

Employers are increasingly firing workers for Facebook rants. But that’s against federal labor law.