Earl Blumenauer

Bill in Congress could lead to cuts in Social Security

Northwest Democrats Earl Blumenauer and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez back the proposal to create a "fiscal commission" that could fast-track cuts.

Unions: Vote by mail now more than ever

The push for national vote-by-mail is timelier than ever in the midst of a pandemic, but postal union leaders say it won’t matter much if the U.S. Postal Service isn’t around.

‘Robin Hood Tax’ on Wall Street would generate $350 billion

Rep. Peter DeFazio and Sen. Tom Harkin introduce a bill Nov. 3 to tax Wall Street trading activity.

AFL-CIO tallies slew of anti-union votes in Congress

The national AFL-CIO has released its interim rating of members of Congress for 2011.

Portland bus brigade travels to rallies at 8 worksites

With 8+ union contracts expiring June 30, activists thought, “Why not get all the unions together?”

Congress could vote on Korea, Colombia, Panama deals in July

The NAFTA-style treaties would add to the trade deficit and make outsourcing easier.