David Wu

AFL-CIO tallies slew of anti-union votes in Congress

The national AFL-CIO has released its interim rating of members of Congress for 2011.

AFL-CIO won’t hold endorsement vote until U.S. Rep. Wu’s resignation is official

The AFL-CIO’s next gathering is its state convention Sept. 25-28 in Eugene.

Congress could vote on Korea, Colombia, Panama deals in July

The NAFTA-style treaties would add to the trade deficit and make outsourcing easier.

NOLC recognizes 16 individuals, 4 groups

Nearly 200 attended NOLC’s annual Labor Appreciation and Recognition Night dinner. Congressman David Wu was the guest speaker.

Wu bill would speed benefits for workers who lose jobs to trade

Oregon Congressman David Wu said he will introduce a bill this month to streamline access to Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits for workers displaced by outsourcing to other countries as a result of free trade agreements.

UFCW’s Witt explores possible congressional race against Wu

Union member (and state rep) Brad Witt is considering a primary challenge to Congressman David Wu.

Congressman Wu says he’ll oppose Korea FTA

A teary-eyed U.S. Rep. David Wu thanked labor for standing with him, and announced his opposition to the Korean Free Trade Agreement.