Barack Obama

AFL-CIO plans national campaign for immigration reform

Proposal would end “shadow economy” of illegal and exploited workers

Why labor is sticking with Obama

It's been a rough four years for union members, and workers in general.

Labor leaders attend Obama Intel visit

A dozen plus Oregon labor leaders attended President Barack Obama’s Feb. 18 “winning the future” speech at Intel Corp. in Hillsboro.

Mr. President: Americans can’t afford job-killing trade deals

Outside President Obama's Feb. 18 visit to Intel, activists picketed to remind him of his pledge to halt NAFTA-style trade treaties.

OSHA pulls rule on reporting ergonomics injuries

OSHA will hold off asking employers to record musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel on a form they already fill out.

What Obama could do for workers without Congress

With support from labor organizations, the think tank Demos has teamed up with The American Prospect magazine to figure out what Obama can do — without waiting for Congress — to create good living-wage jobs.