Ballot Measures

Workers rights on the ballot nationwide

Next week, voters in 37 states will consider 132 ballot measures. Those include a handful of labor-related items.

Ballot Measure Breakthroughs

Voters passed sick leave, raised minimum wage, taxed the rich, and said no to right-to-work.

2016 Election: Ballot measures around the country

Here are the ballot measures we'll be watching tonight. Minimum wage increases and paid sick leave Minimum wage increases are on the ballot in Arizona, Colorado, Maine,...

Measure 97: The Game Changer

After decades of legislative failure to solve the state’s revenue problem, union-sponsored Measure 97 will make a better Oregon —by asking giant corporations to pay their fair share. And that could lead to similar efforts around the country.

Voters weigh in on workers rights around the nation

Unions take stands on taxation, marriage equality

Backers file second ballot initiative aimed at public employee unions

Former columnist David Reinhard is behind a new initiative campaign aimed at public employee unions.