Bakers Local 364

Personnel changes

David Groves left the Washington State Labor Council after 32 years. Mike Burlingham left Bakers Local 364 to work for Oregon AFSCME.

Nabisco defies overtime law

Senate Bill 1513 was written specifically to target overtime abuse at Nabisco’s Portland plant, but the company hasn't changed its actions.

Victor Weekes 1945-2022

Victor T. Weekes Sr., a Nabisco worker and longtime officer of Bakers Local 364, died May 7 of multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.

Oregon bill would end last-minute overtime in bakeries

Workers at the Nabisco Portland bakery currently face discipline for refusing to work extra shifts, even when notified at the last minute.

New number two officer elected at Bakers Local 364

14-year Nabisco employee Mike Burlingham, a longtime union steward at Nabisco, outpolled longtime incumbent Victor Weekes.

Nabisco strike beats back demand for concessions

Bakers won the fight to keep what they have—and not give concessions—because of solidarity: their own, their co-workers, and their community.

Nationwide Nabisco strike intensifies

‘No contract, no snacks’ Nabisco strikers are saying—their livelihoods on the line in a nationwide struggle against corporate greed.

Nabisco workers strike around the nation

It’s been a long time coming. Provoked by round after round of demands by Nabisco for concessions, the union BCTGM reached a breaking point.

Doctor Organizer: Joe Crane

In 2009, Joe Crane was working graveyard on the Portland Frito-Lay assembly line. Today he’s national organizing director at a doctors union.

Bakers in another standoff at Nabisco

The snack-maker, flush with profits amid a snack boom, is demanding further concessions from its main union.

Nabisco extends union contracts but closes plants

BCTGM agreed to extend nationwide contracts to the end of May and raise wage 2.25%. But Nabisco is closing plants in Georgia and New Jersey.

Nabisco threatens more plant closures

If Nabisco closes its N.J. and Georgia plants in 2021, just three would remain: Portland, Chicago, and Richmond. And lots of Mexican product.

Christ George Vokos, 1923-2020

Vokos was active in the Greek community and led Bakers Local 364 as secretary-treasurer from 1969 to 1985.

Four-year contract fight ends as Mondelēz-Nabisco struggles to keep workers on the job in the COVID crisis

The new national contract contains significant union concessions, ending the pension and giving the company the right to use temps during the COVID crisis.

Nabisco retirees condemn pension cuts

For members and retirees of Portland-based BCTGM Local 364, their union's fight to save pensions at Mondelēz Nabisco is  personal.

Nabisco back at the table with Bakers

In October and November, the two sides met for bargaining for the first time in more than two years.

Union bakers picket outside Portland home of Nabisco board member

The profitable company is halting pension contributions at the same time it pays its executives so much that even shareholders are gagging.

Nabisco unilaterally implements its terms on union workers

After two years without negotiations, Mondelēz-Nabisco is withdrawing from the union pension, and implementing annual raises of 2.25 percent.

Nabisco’s “final” final offer: $15,000 signing bonus

Two years after the union contract expired, Mondelēz/Nabisco offers workers $15,000 to agree to the company's final offer — and gives a May 20 deadline.

Outside a Portland Walmart: The Nabisco Boycott Day of Action

With actions outside 100 stores nationwide, the union boycott against Mexican-made Nabisco products isn't going away any time soon.