American Postal Workers Union

Unionists protest plans for postal hub that would increase driving by letter carriers

Instead of sorting mail in the post office closest to their routes, letter carriers will drive to a massive sorting facility in Hillsboro.

USPS may stop processing mail in Eugene and Medford

If the proposed changes are approved, items mailed in Medford or Eugene would be first trucked to Portland, then trucked back.

Postal unions to Biden: Stop stalling and fill postal board vacancies

Postal workers have repeatedly protested plans to slow mail, raise prices, close postal facilities, and pave the way for privatization.

Unions: Vote by mail now more than ever

The push for national vote-by-mail is timelier than ever in the midst of a pandemic, but postal union leaders say it won’t matter much if the U.S. Postal Service isn’t around.

Is that what they call the Portland Spirit?

A riverboat owner’s rant against recent pro-worker laws turns away a union convention host.

Staples boycott ends with union win

The National Labor Relations Board ordered the US Postal Service to stop privatizing union members' work.

RETURN TO SENDER: NLRB says Postal Service deal with Staples broke federal law

USPS broke the law when it outsourced to Staples without bargaining with the union

Postal workers cheer postmaster general’s resignation

Call for a moratorium on USPS’s plan to close 82 mail sorting centers — three of them in Oregon

Staples boycott grows

Unions boycott Staples after it contracts with USPS to staff mini-post offices in stores.

Rally to save U.S. Postal Service delivers big crowd in Portland

Mail centers in Pendleton, Bend will close this year.