American Federation of Teachers

Faculty unionize at OSU and OIT

Oregon’s labor movement just grew by 2,500 new members.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria: Union volunteers mobilize for Puerto Rico

Six Oregon nurses join 300 other union members for a two-week stint in the hurricane’s wake. Here's what they saw.

Public education is under attack, but the public is coming to its defense

AFT president Randi Weingarten says Trump and DeVos have galvanized public support for public education as never before.

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center workers vote to join AFT

The vote is 319 for AFT, 110 for SEIU.

At PeaceHealth Southwest, 900 workers will choose between AFT and SEIU

The Dec. 14-15 vote is a runoff after no choice got a majority in a Nov. 22 election among service and maintenance workers.

Cure for corporate medicine: A doctors’ union contract

Doctors who unionized to fight outsourcing at PeaceHealth in Springfield now have a first contract.

Big union win at PeaceHealth Vancouver hospital

It was an emotional scene at the vote count, as 310 hospital technicians voted nearly 3-to-1 in favor of unionizing, with 93 percent casting ballots.

Workers to vote on union at PeaceHealth Vancouver hospital

The 310 licensed technical workers will decide June 1-2 between AFT, SEIU, or no union at all.

PSU graduate assistants file for union recognition

When it becomes official in about 3 weeks, PSU will have 800 new union members.

PSU won’t fight union campaign among its grad students

A memo from school administration orders managers to stay neutral.

Graduate employees at Portland State form union, ask president for neutrality

Grad student employees are already unionized at UO and OSU.

Two weeks in Alabama

OSEA members say volunteering in the Deep South brings home how precious union rights are

OSEA to help build labor movement  in the Deep South

OSEA members will spend two weeks in Alabama helping school employees there unionize

American Federation of Teachers bans Coca-Cola

Five national unions now have resolutions on Coke's complicity in violence against unionists

OSEA picks new executive director

Rick Shidaker will replace Steven Araujo, who retires Dec. 31

University of Oregon at $320,000 (and counting) in talks with union

An outside law firm employing the former UO president heads up the administration’s bargaining team

Fracture and reunion as nurses unions shift alignments

Nurse associations have merged, split, and morphed as nurses turn toward collective bargaining.

Oregon Nurses Association joins American Federation of Teachers

ONA says the move will enhance nurses' voice in an era of hospital consolidation and cost-cutting

Five years in, still no flood of unionization through card check

Just 2,487 public employees have unionized since Oregon's card check law passed.

Dick Schwarz retires from AFT-Oregon

The longtime AFT leader helped bring down perennial union foe Bill Sizemore.