Federal workers are bearing the burden of the Trump shutdown

With the partial government shutdown in its third week, an estimated 800,000 federal employees are having to cope with missing paychecks.

Trump to appeal ruling striking down anti-union executive orders

The executive orders are aimed at weakening federal employee union representation and making it easier to fire federal employees.

Federal judge strikes down Trump’s anti-union executive orders

The orders aimed at the federal workforce would have limited the use of “official time” by union stewards, ended progressive discipline and seniority rights, and made it easier to fire workers.

Trump moves to slash federal workers’ union rights

New executive orders speed the firing of federal workers, slash the use of paid union time to defend them, and mandate the renegotiation of union contracts.

Unions denounce move by Congress to privatize Veterans Administration

Just before Memorial Day, Congress passed a law that could lead to closure of veterans hospitals and send more veterans to private doctors for care.

Having a Blast

Union clay shoot raises funds for charities

Airport screeners vote to unionize

In one of the biggest union wins in recent times, 43,000 security officers at 450 airports will be union-represented.