360 Sheet Metal

360 Sheet Metal must pay $118,000 more for wage theft

The contractor stiffed its workers of $200,000 on multiple Southwest Washington public construction projects.

Sheet metal strike ends, employer court date nears

Sheet Metal Local 16 says the strike brought attention to the company’s anti-union conduct and led to more regulatory scrutiny on the employer.

Contractors stuck with bill for subcontractor wage theft

Washington ordered a quarter million dollars in back pay and penalties for prevailing wage violations by 360 Sheet Metal.

Strike protests lawless sheet metal employer

Workers at a Vancouver sheet metal shop have been on strike since late July, bolstered by a strike fund and solidarity from union members across trades.

Local 16 finds prevailing wage violations at Vancouver Fire Station

Washington Labor & Industries is investigating, but similar cases have been ongoing for years without a resolution.

Union holiday stockings spark angry confrontation

Sheet Metal Local 16 organizer Darrin Boyce says the company owner’s daughter was furious: The union was giving out Christmas stockings!

Union campaign ramps up as 360 Sheet Metal fires supporters

Sheet Metal Local 16’s relationship with the newly unionized Vancouver firm has gone from bad to worse, with legal charges multiplying.

360 Sheet Metal management: “We do not agree with the law.”

Negotiations aren’t going well at 360 Sheet Metal in Vancouver. Union leaders say the company is going through the motions in bargaining.

Nowhere to go but up: Vancouver sheet metal workers win a union

Working long hours in unsafe conditions for near minimum wage, a crew of Vancouver sheet metal workers vote to unionize.