Pension crisis sparks reform debate

Over a million union members are in pension funds that are headed for insolvency. Here's how Congress created the crisis.

New bipartisan panel in Congress will look for solution to union pension crisis

Members of the panel are supposed to craft a plan by November 30.

Congress looks at failing multi-employer pensions

One solution, favored by many Democrats, is to have the Treasury step in to help.

Back to work: Daimler truck plant opens up for a visit from retirees

A new plant manager welcomes retirees back to see their old workplace and coworkers.

Daimler Trucks withdraws from Machinists pension

But workers, and even the pension plan, could come out ahead.

GOP Congress to states: Stop helping workers save for retirement

Five states, including Oregon, are setting up low-fee retirement accounts for workers without any employer-sponsored plan.

PERS under threat … again

Some in the Oregon Legislature want to divert current employee contributions to make up for the system's investment losses.

Republicans in Congress try to sabotage state-sponsored retirement savings plans — before they begin

State-sponsored retirement savings plans in Oregon and four other states are about to help millions of Americans save for retirement. Republicans in Congress are trying to stop them.

OPEIU pension seeks to cut retiree benefits

The proposed benefit cuts of 29 percent are supposed to save a pension plan that would otherwise run out of money in 2035.

Treasury rejects Teamster pension cuts

The proposed pension cuts to 300,000 retirees are unfair and confusing — and not deep enough to prevent insolvency.

PBGC readies rules to cut retiree pension benefits

Severely distressed union pension plans may soon start cutting benefits for existing retirees.

Oregon Supreme Court strikes down PERS cuts

A contract is a contract, the court says in a unanimous decision.

Big change to law on union pensions

Pensioners could share the pain under a new law that lets trustees cut benefits to make plans solvent

Congress passes major change to law on union pensions

Told no bailout would be coming, trustees asked for the right to trim benefits to save the fund

Oregon retirees group stays busy, involved in community

Attendees call for expanding Social Security and establishing single payer health care

Congress to weigh letting union pension plans cut benefits to remain solvent

Wall Street losses are putting pension plans — and union construction firms — at risk

Unions ask Congress to let distressed pensions trim retiree benefits

10 million workers are covered by multiemployer pensions, but at least half are in serious trouble

Davis to chair IBEW’s District 9 pension fund

IBEW Local 48 business manager Clif Davis will chair a pension fund with assets of over $600 million.