Employment. Labor market.

On the job with Bakers Local 114

Dec 2, 2020

Bite into a burger at any Portland-area Wendy’s or Burger King, and there’s a one in three chance the bun began with Mario Aldaco.

Albany titanium plant to close

Dec 2, 2020

The Oremet plant has been in operation since 1956, but nearly all its product goes to Boeing, which has largely halted airliner production.

Corporate vandalism

Nov 18, 2020

The Newberg mill used to be where Oregon sent its recycled paper. Now it’s being scrapped. And its $28/hour union jobs won’t be coming back.

Jobs on the ballot

Oct 13, 2020

Two local ballot measures could make the difference between jobs and joblessness for thousands of workers.

At a model library, cuts and turmoil

Oct 13, 2020

Multnomah County Library workers are mourning last month’s cut of 128 positions as a major blow to one of the nation’s top library systems.

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