Union Craftsmanship

Harver Company earned triple honors for the work done by members of Plasterers Local 82 on the Oregon Supreme Court building.

Washington County picks AMR, dumps nonunion ambulance firm

County commissioners voted Feb. 21 to end a decades-long relationship with MetroWest and go with American Medical Response starting July 1.

Eugene bans natural gas in new house construction

Building trades union officials from UA Local 290 and Operating Engineers Local 701 were among those testifying against the ordinance.

Broadway Corridor talks revive with new developers

Unions helped negotiate a landmark community benefits agreement ensuring the project would create high-road jobs, before the last developer pulled out.

Albertsons’ $4 billion dividend moves forward

Attorneys general are concerned the dividend could cripple Albertsons at the same time regulators are evaluating the company's proposed merger with Kroger.

Proposed $10 billion hydrogen project commits to use union labor

Oregon and Washington building trades councils are backing plans by Obsidian Renewables to produce, store and transport hydrogen in the Pacific Northwest.

Metro privatizes AV at Oregon Convention Center

On Dec. 18, a week before Christmas, all seven part-time AV technicians at the publicly-owned event space were laid off.

Washington County could pick a union ambulance firm

For the first time in decades, American Medical Response (AMR) has a chance to outbid anti-union Metro West.

Cities look at banning natural gas

A handful of unions say prohibiting natural gas in new construction is bad for workers, for energy diversity and for cost.

Washington sues to stop Albertsons’ $4 billion dividend

Unions representing grocery workers say the outsized payout could destroy the nation’s number two grocery chain.

Airlines plagued by delays, canceled flights

Airlines have faced growing criticism for a surge in flight delays and cancellations, and failure to refund customers.

Metro pushes to privatize Convention Center AV department

The Metro regional government wants to contract out audio/visual jobs at the Oregon Convention Center - jobs that are currently held by union workers.

Portland steel foundry to close

Columbia Steel Casting Co. is permanently closing this fall after 121 years of operation, leaving 225 workers without jobs.

Portland uniform maker will lay off union workers

Dennis Uniform is moving some of its operations to Texas, leaving 71 Oregon workers - including UFCW Local 555 members - without a job.

Toxic Work Environment

You name it, AFSCME-represented hazardous waste workers handle it. The job combines science, a strong stomach and a whole lot of caution.

Raising the roof

Union members are getting experience with mass timber at Portland International Airport's new terminal roof.

TriMet starting pay jumps 48% in a year

Amid a severe bus driver shortage, starting pay jumped from $17 to $25.24. Plus a $7,500 sign-on bonus. These are union jobs with benefits.

Biden in Portland: ‘Union workers are the best’

During a brief visit to Portland, President Joe Biden said union workers and apprenticeships will be vital in rebuilding U.S. infrastructure.

Metro jurisdictions ratify high-road commitments

The Regional Workforce Equity Agreement, which was led by local building trades union reps, will lead to dozens of project labor agreements.

Behind the badge, police support staff face backlog and burnout

AFSCME’s Portland Police chapter chair says understaffing is causing delays retrieving towed cars or getting police reports for insurance.