May 3, 2024 issue

Union victory at Chattanooga

It's the first foreign-owned auto plant in the United States to unionize, and dozens of others may be coming. 

A Union Guide to Oregon’s May 2024 primary

This ballot guide lists candidates who have at least one labor organization endorsing them — and who have opponents on the ballot.

Port of Portland to close its container terminal

The closure of Oregon’s only international shipping container service in October could affect nearly 1,500 jobs across the state.

Tensions rising between NW Natural and union

The utility company informed union workers that it plans to train non-union staff to do their jobs in case there is a strike.

Over 2,000 OHSU research workers join AFSCME

The unit will include workers who conduct lab experiments, order equipment, file paperwork, and care for animals used in studies.

Funeral home chain could go union

Teamsters Local 305 has launched a union campaign for undertakers employed by Service Corporation International in Oregon and Washington.

DOL raises overtime threshold for 4 million salaried workers

Under a new DOL rule, salaried workers who make less than $43,888 a year will qualify for overtime pay effective July 1. 

Pipes of purpose: How a master plumber can change lives

From Brazil to Nepal, South Africa to New Guinea, Jed Scheuermann taps the skills of his trade to safeguard human health and dignity.

PeaceHealth offer would lock in lower pay for home care

Home care RNs have a critical decision to make: agree to be paid less than hospital nurses, or go on strike a second time for equal pay. 

Dirty drinking water? Portland shipyard workers say no thanks

Complaints started coming in that at some of the stations, the water was coming out discolored with debris. 

United Auto Workers wins big at Daimler Trucks North America

A new four-year contract will raise wages more than 25% and end an unfair “two-tier” wage system that pays new hires less than senior workers.

Montessori meltdown: Portland preschools close amid union push

Guidepost Montessori closed two preschools and furloughed nearly 30 workers after workers announced plans to unionize with ILWU Local 5.

Workers Memorial:  a solemn reminder

Every year, the national AFL-CIO produces a report on the state of worker safety and health in America, titled Death on the Job.

SMART 16 protests data center for dumping union contractor

HITT Construction replaced Local 16 union crews with a non-local, non-union subcontractor at the last minute.