Ironworkers Local 29 voting on $15/hour increase over four years


Union ironworkers in Oregon and Washington are voting on an improved employer offer. After union members rejected a previous offer of a $7.50 an hour compensation increase over three years, union and employer group negotiators met again June 27. 

The new offer is $15 an hour over four years. If ratified by members, compensation would go up by $3 effective July 1, followed by $2 an hour increases July 7, 2025 and every six months after that until the contract expires June 30, 2028. Journeyman ironworkers in the Portland area currently make $43.82 an hour plus $33.98 an hour in fringe benefits. 

Four years would be a longer contract term than members have had in the past. 

Voting is taking place by mail among members of Portland-based Local 29, Seattle-area Local 86, and Spokane-area Local 14. Ballots were mailed this week and are due back July 31. 


  1. NOPE! $3.75 a year is not what I want to see our membership buying! Every aspect of our life as tradesmen and tradeswomen has been devastated by historical inflation! To accept a four-year contract is absurd! The inflation-dynamics continue to erode purchasing power of every working citizen. The contract for the Northwest Ironworkers District can be no less than 3 years @ $5.00 per year! Union Trades buy their Pensions, their Health & Welfare, their vacation allotment, their annuities savings, their Dental Plan, their Apprenticeship Programs, their personal Savings Plan and their Mortage. With these economic times ripping at the fabric of all of us, this offer is left wanting! Vote NO!


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