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Union 101: What is a union?

At its most basic, a union is just a group of workers that takes action together to promote their common interests.

The Fines don’t cross picket lines

Honoring a picket line is an instinctual recognition that workers waving signs outside their place of employment deserved public support.

The arc of the labor movement lands in Canby

Our Labor Day Picnic is back, and this time, at a public, not private, property: the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby.

Sheet metal workers ready to strike

If arbitration fails to produce a new master agreement, roughly 1,750 members at nearly 60 contractors could strike.

Starbucks refusing to bargain with union

Nearly two years after the first Starbucks store unionized, not one Starbucks location has a first union contract.

Dentists at county clinics picket over workload

Dentists at the county clinics treat some of the area’s poorest residents: Medicaid enrollees, uninsured, and homeless.

Remembering Joe Killian

Because of toxins in burning buildings, cancer deaths for firefighters are considered to be deaths in the line of duty.

PeaceHealth says it’s done with bargaining at Longview hospital

PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center declared impasse and walked away from contract negotiations with 14 lab professionals on July 31.

Labor Day picnics

The first Monday of September is labor’s holiday, celebrated by union members, families, and allies. Here's a local list of union picnics.

Powell’s workers plan Labor Day strike

Powell's workers say is the company is refusing to bargain in good faith and ask the public not to shop there in-store or online that day.

Assaulted by children, child welfare workers call for director’s removal

Washington's child welfare workers are at high risk for physical assault and burnout, and the program’s leader is to blame, says WFSE.

A betrayal of Oregon workers

Over the last few years Oregon has led the nation with the most legislative walkouts and the second-longest walkout in American history.

A day at the fair with Vancouver firefighters

Local 452's Memory Makers program is in its 21st year. It gives medically fragile children and their families an outing to the county fair.

Teamsters reach agreement with UPS

Contract ratification began Aug. 3 and will run through Aug. 22, at which point the results will be announced.

We’re number 38!

The British anti-poverty group Oxfam recently ranked 38 developed nations on worker well-being. The United States was at or near the bottom.

Screen actors on strike

Members of SAG-AFTRA are now in their third week of a nationwide strike that has shut down most film and TV productions since July 14.

USPS may stop processing mail in Eugene and Medford

If the proposed changes are approved, items mailed in Medford or Eugene would be first trucked to Portland, then trucked back.

No surprise to employees of Clark County: Study shows they’re underpaid

Consulting firm Baker Tilly conducted the study, which shows that on average, Clark County wages trailed other employers by 4.7% to 9%.

Crisis home workers ask Governor Kotek: Fire our boss

Workers have reported getting punched, scratched, and stabbed with pencils, and the staff vacancy rate this year hit an all-time high.

Owens-Brockway glass recycling plant down to skeleton crew

About 75 workers may have clocked in for the last time July 21 at Oregon's largest glass bottle recycling plant.

Pickets back up at Kaiser Permanente

SEIU Local 49 picketed three hospitals July 24-28 to protest unsafe staffing and draw attention to difficulty getting a new union contract.

UO LERC now fully staffed

The addition of Rebekah Whittaker and Janet Bauer means LERC can expand its reach of research and trainings.