A Union Guide to Oregon’s May 2022 primary

Oregon voters have a lot of choices. This union-focused ballot guide tries to keep it simple: It lists only those candidates who have at least one union endorsing them—AND who have opponents on the primary ballot. Candidates are listed in the order you’ll find them on the ballot. Unions sometimes didn’t agree: In some races, more than one candidate got support from at least one union. Following each name is a list of union endorsers and a link to the campaign website, if they have one.  [Acronyms are in the legend below.] 

NOTE: Ballots were mailed April 27, and must be received or postmarked by May 17.


Only voters registered as Democrats can choose who the party will run in November. The deadline to change party registration was April 26.




Ron Wyden is seeking a sixth six-year term. Although he’s sparred with labor over free trade agreements and has faced progressive challengers in the past, he remains a key ally for organized labor and holds a 91% lifetime voting score from the AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO, AFT, IBT, OEA, ONA, SEIU StandTallForAmerica.com


Congressional District 1  (Portland/NW Oregon)

Suzanne Bonamici is seeking reelection to the seat she’s held since 2012. Although she voted to fast-track free trade agreements in 2015, she’s otherwise been a reliable supporter of labor priorities, and she was a co-sponsor of the PRO (Protecting the Right to Organize) Act in 2019 and 2021. AFL-CIO, AFT, IBT, IUPAT, OEA, OFNHP, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UBC BonamiciForCongress.com

Congressional District 3 (Portland)

Earl Blumenauer is running for reelection for the seat he’s held since 1996. He holds a 100% voting score for 2021 and a 95% score across his time in office, according to the AFL-CIO. Like other pro-labor lawmakers, one notable departure was his vote to fast-track free trade agreements in 2015. AFL-CIO, AFT, IBT, SEIU, OEA, ONA EarlBlumenauer.com

Congressional District 4 (Lane County/Southern Coast)

Click for more on why labor’s backing Val Hoyle

Val Hoyle is running for the office long held by incumbent and stalwart labor ally Peter DeFazio, who will retire at the end of the year. Hoyle currently serves as Oregon’s labor commissioner in charge of the Bureau of Labor and Industries and previously served in the state legislature. Her opponents include Sami Al-Abdrabbuh, an Oregon Labor Candidate School alumni who serves on the Corvallis School Board; and Doyle Canning, a community organizer and attorney who has worked with labor groups including United For Respect and the Worker Power Coalition. AFL-CIO, AFT, IW 29, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UFCW, UA 290 ValHoyle.com 

Congressional District 5 (Lake Oswego southeast to Bend)

Click for more on why unions are backing McLeod-Skinner

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is an emergency response coordinator and small business owner who has mounted a progressive challenge to incumbent Kurt Schrader. McLeod-Skinner has worked in a variety of public planning and engineering roles and holds a law degree with an emphasis on natural resources. She’s a former union member and has received a handful of union endorsements. AFT, IAM, ILWU, Insulators, OEA, OFNHP, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UFCW, WFP JamieForOregon.com

Kurt Schrader has held the District 5 office since 2009 after more than a decade in the state legislature. But his voting record, most recently his hesitancy to support the PRO Act (which he opposed in 2019 but eventually voted for in 2021) have lost Schrader some union support. In 2019 he was one of just six House Democrats to vote against a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2025. The national AFL-CIO gives him an 84% lifetime voting record on legislation supporting working people. AFGE, IAFF, IBT, IUOE 701, UA 290, UBC KurtSchrader.com

Congressional District 6 (Salem/Yamhill County)

Click for more about the race in Oregon’s new Sixth Congressional District.

This is the first election for Oregon’s newly created Sixth Congressional District, and seven candidates are facing off in the Democratic primary. Two have union endorsements. One other candidate—former Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith—has had union backing in the past.

Andrea Salinas is a state representative serving the Lake Oswego area, an office she’s held since 2017. Although she was one of two key lawmakers to change their votes and deliver the 2019 PERS cuts, she has also won strong support from unions. The Oregon AFL-CIO gave her the legislative Warrior for Workers award during its 2022 convention. IBT, OEA, SEIU, UBC, UFCW, WFP AndreaSalinasForOregon.com 

Teresa Alonso Leon has been a state representative for the Woodburn area since 2016. She’s a former SEIU member and graduated from the Oregon Labor Candidate School. Leon is the child of migrant farm workers, and prior to the legislature she served on the Woodburn City Council. AFT TeresaForOregon.com




In the first Oregon governor’s race without an incumbent candidate in more than a decade, 15 candidates have filed for the Democratic primary race. Only two have union endorsements.

Click for more about why unions are backing Tina Kotek

Tina Kotek served as a state representative in Portland’s House District 44 from 2007 through this year, when she stepped down to focus on the governor’s race. She was Speaker of the House from 2013 until her departure. Kotek has strong support from organized labor – although public employees haven’t forgotten her pivotal role in cutting PERS retirement benefits in 2019. OBTC, IBEW, IBT (joint endorsement), IUOE, IUPAT, IW 29, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, SEIU, SMART, UA 290, UNITE HERE TinaForOregon.com

Tobias Read has served as Oregon State Treasurer since 2016, a role that has him managing the state’s funds, including directing how PERS money is invested. In that role, in 2020 he implemented a rule that majority PERS-owned property or infrastructure would only hire contractors that pay fair wages and benefits, a move unions had called for. But during his time as a State Representative, Read voted with other Democrats in 2013 to cut PERS benefits. IBT (joint endorsement) TobiasRead.com



Oregon’s 30 state senators serve four-year terms. Every two years, half of the seats are up for election. 

Senate District 11 (Woodburn/Keizer)

Anthony Rosilez is executive director of the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, which is the state’s licensing agency for all educators. Among his economic priorities, Rosilez says he wants to increase incentives and support for apprenticeship programs and ensure farm workers receive living wages. OBTC AnthonyRosilez-1.poliengine.com

Eric Swenson is currently mayor of Woodburn and he’s an instructor at Pacific University’s Woodburn campus. Swenson has been endorsed by the local Woodburn teachers union, although building trades unions are endorsing an opponent. That could be because, during Swenson’s time as mayor, e-commerce giant Amazon broke ground on a massive Woodburn warehouse construction project using almost exclusively non-union and non-local labor. OEA Facebook.com/Swenson4senate

Rich Walsh is an attorney and served on the Keizer city Council from 2000 until 2011 and city councilor and city council president. SEIU, UBC RichardWalshForSenate.com

Senate District 13 (Wilsonville)

Chelsea King is a small business owner and member of the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. OBTC, AFSCME, IBEW, IBT, IW 29, LIUNA, OEA, SEIU (dual endorsement), UA 290, UBC, UFCW ChelseaKingForOregon.com

Aaron Woods is a retired Xerox executive and former IT services manager. He serves on the Clackamas Community College Board and Wilsonville Planning Commission and is a U.S. Army veteran. AFT, OSEA, SEIU (dual endorsement) AaronWoods4Senate.com



Oregon’s 60 state representatives serve two-year terms.

House District 19 (Salem)

Jackie Leung is a Salem City Councilor and a member of the Marion County Health Advisory Board. Leung is a graduate of the Oregon Labor Candidate School and she previously ran for the District 19 seat in 2020, against current incumbent Republican Raquel Moore-Green. OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, OEA, SEIU JackieForOregon.com

Brad Witt is currently state representative for a different house district, District 31, around Clatskanie. Witt is a former secretary-treasurer of the Oregon AFL-CIO, was a union rep for UFCW Local 555 until 2016, and previously worked for the Western Council of Industrial Workers, which represents saw mill workers. But as a legislator in recent years he’s sometimes been on the opposite side of labor. He voted to exempt amateur ice hockey players from workers’ comp in 2018, and voted for PERS cuts in 2019. In 2017, he helped Republicans kill a union-backed bill that would have lifted a state-wide pre-emption on local rent control ordinances, and in 2019 he voted with Republicans against the new statewide law that limits residential rent increases. AWPPW, IBT, UFCW, USW VoteBradWitt.com

House District 21 (Keizer-Salem)

Ramiro Navarro, Jr. is a veteran, mechanic and owner of an automotive restoration business. He’s running for the seat vacated by Democrat Brian Clem last fall. He faces financial analyst and former news reporter Robert Husseman in the primary. AFT, OEA, SEIU RamiroNavarro.org

House District 27 (Beaverton)

Ken Helm is currently State Representative for District 34 in west Portland. Because of redistricting, he will live in District 27 in 2023, where incumbent Democrat Sheri Schouten is not seeking reelection. Helm has been lauded by the Oregon AFL-CIO for his voting record in the past, but he has also found himself at odds with labor: He voted to cut PERS contributions in 2019, and he joined Republicans in supporting a 2018 bill to exempt amateur ice hockey players from workers’ comp. Helm’s opponent in the primary, anesthesiologist Tammy Carpenter, hasn’t received union endorsements but her campaign says strengthening labor rights, improving union density and classifying gig workers appropriately are priorities. OBTC, AFT, IBEW, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UFCW KenHelm.com 

House District 34 (Beaverton/Bethany)

Lisa Reynolds, a pediatric physician, joined the legislature in 2021 as a state representative for Oregon’s 36th District, covering the west side of Portland. After redistricting, she’s running to represent District 34. She faces attorney Jennifer Kinzey in the primary. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IBEW, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UBC, UFCW LisaForOregon.com

House District 35 (Beaverton/Aloha)

Farrah Chaichi is an intake and conflicts coordinator at law firm Stoel Rives. She identifies unionization as a “human right” and wants to expand state laws protecting labor organizing to cover additional types of employment, including gig and domestic workers. OBTC, AFSCME (dual endorsement), AFT, IBEW 48, IBT ChaichiForOregon.com

Zeloszelos Marchandt is a small business owner, running a theater company and a Community Supported Agriculture farm. He pledges to advocate for workers’ rights to join a union and collectively bargain. Marchandt is involved in the Washington County Democratic Party, the Black Americans Caucus and the local Black Lives Matter movement. AFSCME (dual endorsement) ZelosForOregon.com

House District 38 (Lake Oswego)

Neelam Gupta is a director within the Oregon Health Authority and serves on the Lake Oswego School Board. She includes expanding access to health care and supporting health care workers as top priorities. Gupta faces small business owner Daniel Nguyen in the primary. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, LiUNA, IBEW, SEIU, UFCW VoteGupta.com

House District 40 (Oregon City)

Charles Gallia is president of a nonprofit that helps low-income people receive health care, and he’s a former senior policy advisor for research and evaluation with the Oregon Health Authority. District 40 is currently represented by Democrat Mark Meek, who is running for State Senate. OBTC, AFSCME (dual endorsement), AFT, OSEA, UFCW CharlesGallia.com 

Annessa Hartman is a Gladstone City Councilor and works for the Native American Youth And Family Center (NAYA). She wants to expand prevailing wage laws to cover more sectors and bring the apprenticeship career training model into more jobs. Hartman supports project labor agreements and community workforce agreements. AFSCME (dual endorsement), IBEW, OEA, SEIU, UBC AnnessaForOregon.com

House District 41 (Portland/Milwaukie)

Mark Gamba is mayor of Milwaukie and is running for the seat currently held by Democrat Karin Power, who is not seeking reelection. AFSCME, AFT, IBT, UFCW MarkGamba.com

Kaliko Castille is director of development and communications at Brown Hope, a racial justice activist organization, and he’s president of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, a national cannabis advocacy group. OBTC, IBEW 48, IW, OEA, UA 290 KalikoForOregon.com

House District 45 (Portland/Gresham)

Thuy Tran is an optometric physician, business owner and Lieutenant Colonel in the Oregon Air National Guard. OBTC, AFSCME, UA 290, UFCW TranForOregon.com


Oregon’s Republican primary for governor is drawing union foes; click to find out more

For generations, unions have prided themselves on maintaining independence from the two major political parties. Sadly, today’s Republican candidates don’t ask for—and by and large don’t want—endorsements from unions. We’re aware of only one union-endorsed Republican in this year’s Oregon primary. 

House District 51 (Clackamas County)

Lisa Davidson is a communication and training consultant and a Republican candidate for House District 51. She’s a previous dean of Clackamas Community College and vice president at First Interstate Bank. Her priorities include investing in career and technical education programs to help workers and employers alike. IBEW, UA 290 DavidsonForOregon.com


For nonpartisan offices, any registered voter can cast a ballot in the primary. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent, the top two vote-getters face off in the November general election.



Oregon’s Labor Commissioner serves a four-year term overseeing the Bureau of Labor Industries (BOLI).

Christina Stephenson is an employee-side civil rights attorney and is well-known in Oregon labor circles. She helped draft pro-worker legislation establishing fair scheduling practices, requiring employers to have a policy for reporting discrimination and sexual assault, and protecting workers who file OSHA complaints from retaliation. Other candidates in the race include Casey Kulla, a Yamhill County Commissioner who has received union endorsements in the past, and Teamsters Local 81 member and Oregon Progressive Party activist Chris Henry. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, ATU, IAFF, IBEW, IBT, ILWU, IUOE, IUPAT, IW 29, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SMART, UA 290, UBC, UFCW, WFP ChristinaStephenson.com



Oregon’s Metro is the only directly elected regional government in the United States. Six Metro Councilors are elected to four-year terms from individual districts, and the Council President is elected region-wide. Metro serves over 1.5 million people in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties, coordinating land use and transportation planning among the region’s local governments, managing garbage and recycling, maintaining the Urban Growth Boundary, and running parks, trails, natural areas and venues such as the Oregon Convention Center, Portland Expo Center, and the Oregon Zoo.


Lynn Peterson has been Metro Council President since 2019. She previously worked as a strategic planner at TriMet, as a transportation advocate at 1000 Friends of Oregon, and as an advisor to former Governor John Kitzhaber, among other roles. CPBTC, NOLC, AFSCME, PCCFFAP, ATU, IAFF 43, IBEW, IBT, ILWU, IUPAT, IW 29, LiUNA, OEA, UA 290, UBC, UFCW ElectLynnPeterson.com

Councilor, District 2

Christine Lewis is the incumbent District 2 councilor and is a communications and organizational development consultant. Lewis previously worked as a legislative and communications director at the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). She has long and close ties to labor, and her husband (and campaign manager) Mike Selvaggio works as a lobbyist for UFCW Local 555. CPBTC, LiUNA, NOLC, AFSCME, IBEW, UBC, UFCW, WFP ChristineLewisForMetro.com

Councilor, District 4

Juan Carlos Gonzalez is seeking reelection to the District 4 seat, which he has held since 2019. He’s also director of development at Centro Cultural de Washington County, a nonprofit supporting local Latino families. Gonzalez identifies infrastructure investment as a priority to create living wage jobs in construction and the building trades. CPBTC, NOLC, AFSCME, IBEW, LiUNA, UBC, UFCW Gonzalez4Oregon.com

Councilor, District 6

Duncan Hwang is the current councilor for District 6 and is also associate director for the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) Communities United Fund. NOLC, AFSCME, IBEW, PCCFFAP, UBC, UFCW, WFP DuncanForMetro.com

Terri Preeg Riggsby is general manager for the HAKI Community Organization, supporting Portland-area East African immigrants, and she’s the Zone 5 Director of the West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District. IBT TerriForMetro.com




The Clackamas County Commission is made up of five members serving four-year terms. 

Commissioner, Position 5

Sonya Fischer is a current Clackamas County Commissioner and an attorney at Fischer Family Law. CPBTC, NOLC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF 1159, IBEW, IBT, IW 29, LiUNA, PCCFFAP, SMART, UBC, UFCW SonyaFischer.com

Commissioner, Position 2

Paul Savas has been a Clackamas County Commissioner since 2010 and is a small business owner. CPBTC, NOLC, AFSCME (dual endorsement), IAFF 1159/1660, IBEW, IBT, ILWU, IAM, IW 29, LiUNA, PCCFFAP, UBC ElectPaulSavas.com

Libra Forde is a member of the North Clackamas School Board and is chief operating officer for Self Enhancement Inc., a social service and education nonprofit. AFSCME (dual endorsement) PCCFFAP LibraForClackamasCounty.com



The Lane County Board of Commissioners is made up of five members serving four-year terms. 

Commissioner, Position 1

Dawn Lesley is an environmental engineer and current vice chair of the Lane County Budget Committee. LCCLC, LCBCT, AFSCME, IBEW, IBT, IUPAT, IW, OEA, SEIU, SMART, UA290, UBC, UFCW DawnLesley.org

Commissioner, Position 2

Joe Berney is the current county commissioner for Position 2. He’s a vocal supporter of the building trades and has been a strong advocate for project labor agreements. He rallied his fellow commissioners to pass a community benefits agreement last year covering county construction projects. LCCLC, LCBTC, AFSCME, IBEW, IBT, Insulators, IW 29, LIUNA, SEIU, SMART, UA290, UBC, UFCW, WFP JoeBerney.com

Commissioner, Position 5

Heather Buch is a current county commissioner and the owner of a property management company. She has strong union backing and has walked a picket line in support of county workers and her 2018 election to the commission helped remove an anti-union majority from the board. LCCLC, LCBTC, AFSCME, IAFF 851, IBEW, IBT, IW 29, LiUNA, OEA, SEIU, SMART, UA290, UBC, UFCW, WFP HeatherBuch.com



The Multnomah County Commission is made up of four Commissioners and one Chair, all serving four-year terms. 


Click for more about the race for Multnomah County Chair

Jessica Vega Pederson is Multnomah County Commissioner for District 3, which covers much of Southeast and part of Northeast Portland. She’s a former state representative and has strong backing from unions across many sectors, including AFSCME Local 88, which represents Multnomah County employees. CPBTC, NOLC, AFSCME, IAFF 43, IBEW, IBT, IW 29, LiUNA, OEA, PCCFFAP, UBC, UFCW, WFP JessicaVegaPederson.com

Sharon Meieran is Multnomah County Commissioner for District 1, covering all of Multnomah County west of the Willamette River as well as Portland’s inner eastside. Meieran is an emergency room physician and she spoke at a recent picket by Providence St. Vincent nurses who are struggling to come to a contract agreement with the hospital. ONA VoteSharon.com

Commissioner, District 2

Susheela Jayapal is the current county commissioner for District 2, representing much of Northeast and all of North Portland. Jayapal, an attorney, appeared on the Nabisco picket line in her district last summer to speak in support of striking BCTGM Local 364 workers. CPBTC, NOLC, AFSCME, Bricklayers, IBEW, IUPAT, IW 29, LiUNA, OEA, SEIU, UFCW  SusheelaForMultco.com


The Multnomah County Sheriff is elected to a four-year term.

Derrick Peterson is a captain with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, where he’s worked for 34 years. Peterson is president of the local chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. AFSCME 88, IBEW DerrickForSheriff.com

Nicole Morrisey O’Donnell is Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office undersheriff, the second-in-command position in the department. She has been with the sheriff’s office 25 years. IAFF 43, IBT, Multnomah County Deputy Sheriffs Association NicoleForSheriff.com



The Washington County Board of Commissioners has five members that serve four-year terms.

Commissioner, at-large

Kathryn Harrington is the current chair of the Washington County Board of Commissioners and was on the Metro Council from 2007 through 2018. She was elected to the county commission with strong union support, which has continued with her reelection campaign. However, Harrington recently faced criticism for allegedly creating a toxic work environment for county employees. CPBTC, NOLC (dual), AFSCME, IW 29, LiUNA, SEIU 49, UA 290, UBC, UFCW KathrynForOurCounty.com

Beach Pace, a West Point grad and Army veteran, is CEO of Big Brother Big Sister Columbia Northwest, and a current member of Hillsboro City Council. NOLC (dual), IAFF 2210, IBEW 48, Insulators, Washington County Police Officers Association ElectBeachPace.com

Commissioner, District 2

Pam Treece is the current District 2 commissioner and a former PacifiCorp executive. She was also executive director of Westside Economic Alliance, a business advocacy group. CPBTC, NOLC, AFSCME, IAFF 1660, IBEW, LiUNA, SEIU, UA290, UBC PamForWashingtonCounty.com

District Attorney

The Washington County District Attorney serves a four-year term.

Brian Decker is a former prosecutor and public defender who is challenging incumbent District Attorney Kevin Barton. NOLC, AFSCME, IBEW, LiUNA, UFCW, PCCFFAP, WFP DeckerForDA.com


Washington County’s auditor is elected for a four-year term.

Kristine Adams-Wannberg is a principal management auditor who has worked for the City of Portland as well as the state’s Department of Administrative Services. OEA KristineForAuditor.org




The Beaverton City Council consists of a mayor and six councilors, all elected to serve four-year terms.

City Council, Position 2

Kevin Teater is the executive director of the Beaverton Downtown Association and is a current member of the Beaverton Planning Commission. NOLC, PCCFFAP, SEIU, WFP KevinTeater.com

City Council, Position 3

Edward Kimmi is a chiropractor and health clinic owner/operator. He was a founding member of Beaverton’s Diversity Advisory Board. NOLC, IAFF 1660, SEIU EdwardKimmi.com



The Portland City Council has four commissioners and the mayor, all serving four-year terms.

City Council, Position 2

Dan Ryan is the current City Councilor for Position 2. Before joining the council he was CEO of nonprofit All Hands Raised and also served on the Portland Public Schools board of directors. Ryan currently oversees the Portland Housing Bureau, Joint Office of Homeless Services and Bureau of Development Services, as well as the Portland Children’s Levy. He didn’t receive union endorsements when he ran for the seat in 2020 but has received several in the current race. IAFF 43, IBT 37, SEIU, UBC DanRyanForPortland.com

Alanna (AJ) McCreary is the founder and executive director of Equitable Giving Circle, a nonprofit that aims to economically support Portland’s Black, indigeneous and people of color (BIPOC) population. She has also worked as an anti-racist marketing consultant and is a board member for RACE TALKS. PAT (OEA) AJforPortland.com

City Council, Position 3

Click to find out more about the matchup between Vadim Mozyrsky and Jo Ann Hardesty

Jo Ann Hardesty is the current City Councilor for Position 3. Hardesty is a former state representative, nonprofit leader, policy analyst for Multnomah County and Navy veteran. She comes from a union family and has enjoyed strong union support in prior races, although a handful of key unions are backing her opponent or are skipping an endorsement in this race.  AFSCME Local 189, which represents nearly 1,000 City workers, backed her four years ago, but not this year. ILWU, PAT (OEA), PCCFFAP, SEIU, UFCW, WFP JoannForPortland.com

Vadim Mozyrsky is an administrative law judge and has served since 2018 as a volunteer union rep with the International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers (IFPTE). Originally from Kiev, Ukraine,  Mozyrsky came to the U.S. in 1979. He currently serves on the city’s Charter Commission that is making recommendations on modifying Portland’s form of government, as well as the police accountability Citizen Review Committee. NOLC, CPBCTC, AFSCME, IBEW 48, IBT 37, LiUNA, SMART 16 VoteVadim.com

City Auditor

Portland’s auditor is elected for a four-year term.

Simone Rede is a former senior management auditor at Metro and staff auditor for the State of Oregon. She faces CPA Brian Setzler in the race. NOLC, LiUNA, UFCW SimoneForAuditor.com



The Salem City Council has eight councilors and the mayor, all serving four-year terms.


Chris Hoy is a Salem City Councilor representing District 6. He’s also currently serving as a state representative for District 21, a position he was appointed to after former Rep. Brian Clem stepped down last fall. Before running for office Hoy worked for 30 years in law enforcement. SEIU ChrisHoyForSalem.com

City Council, Ward 6

Stacey Vieyra-Braendle is an occupational therapist and adjunct faculty member at Pacific University. SEIU (no website)

City Council, Ward 8

Click for more about union member Micki Varney’s campaign

Micki Varney is a salmon biologist and former city councilor in Dayton, Washington. SEIU MickiForSalem.com



Unless endorsing labor organizations are listed alongside local number, the acronym refers to a statewide or regional body. In each entry, AFL-CIO, CPBTC, NOLC and OBTC are listed first because they are unions of unions.

  • AFL-CIO state labor federation
  • AFSCME state, county, municipal employees
  • AFT  AFT-Oregon or local affiliate
  • ATU Amalgamated Transit Local 757
  • CPBTC Portland metro area building trades council
  • IAFF  Fire Fighters or local affiliate
  • IBEW IBEW Local 48
  • IBT Teamsters Joint Council 37
  • ILWU longshore/warehouse
  • Insulators Insulators Local 36
  • IUOE Operating Engineers Local 701
  • IUPAT Painters District Council 5
  • IW Ironworkers Local 29
  • LCCLC Lane County Central Labor Chapter (local AFL-CIO)
  • LiUNA Oregon & Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers
  • NOLC NW Oregon Labor Council, the local AFL-CIO
  • OBTC State building trades council
  • OEA Oregon Education Association or its local affiliate
  • OFNHP Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
  • ONA Oregon Nurses Association
  • OSEA school employees
  • PAT Portland Association of Teachers
  • PCCFFAP faculty local of AFT at PCC
  • SEIU Service Employees International Union (Locals 503 and 49)
  • SMART Sheet Metal Local 16
  • UA 290 plumbers and fitters
  • UFCW Local 555, grocery
  • UBC Pacific NW Council of Carpenters
  • WFP Oregon Working Families Party, a union-backed minor party


Did we miss a candidate, or endorser, or get something wrong? email editor@nwlaborpress.org and we’ll correct it in our online version at nwlaborpress.org/2022oregonprimary


  1. Hi Jackie. Southern Oregon is very much part of the Pacific Northwest. We’re just not aware of any union-endorsed candidates for state legislature or local office who face an opponent on the May 2022 primary ballot in Southern Oregon. If you know of any, please let us know, and we’re happy to update the list. Meanwhile, Southern Oregon voters WILL find information about statewide and Congressional candidates in this guide. And please check back; there are likely be union-endorsed Southern Oregon candidates in the November 2022 general election.

  2. Lane Community College’s Classified union, LCCEF/AFT-Oregon Local 2417, chose to endorse Val Hoyle for Congressional District 4. While a local doesn’t always endorse a national or state candidate, we felt this particular race is very important for us, and Lane County–our region–will be very much impacted by who wins this seat. We feel that Val Hoyle not only has the most legislative experience, and is clearly pro-Labor, as the current Labor Commissioner of Oregon, but has the strongest chance of winning the General Election in November.

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