Monthly Archives: June, 2021

At Portland-area construction sites, union painters are primed for ‘Summer of Chaos’

Local Painters union members have been falling behind for a generation. They’re not gonna take it any more.

Oregon legislative aides become first in nation to unionize

Oregon’s Democratic and Republican state legislators may not agree on much, but their staff agree on something big: They want a union.

Workers at Hillsboro library join AFSCME

The 101 workers will next bargain a contract. Except for police and fire, the rest of the City of Hillsboro’s workforce remains non-union.

Management bloat: At Clark College, more administrators, fewer staff 

Unions say ongoing budget cuts are part of a pattern that is undermining Clark College’s ability to provide a quality education.

Oregon labor’s May 18 ballot scorecard

In Oregon's May 2021 election, unions and labor councils got active in races for school boards, and won nearly three in four.

Bakers in another standoff at Nabisco

The snack-maker, flush with profits amid a snack boom, is demanding further concessions from its main union.

Trump’s new NAFTA labor rules to be tested

The AFL-CIO says 600 Mexican auto parts workers were fired in acts of retaliation for union activity—violating Mexico's labor rights pledge.

40 hours a week is a good rule. Overwork can kill you.

Limiting the work week to 40 hours isn’t just labor’s most important historic win. It also prevents an early death for working people. 

Northwest Oregon Labor Council elects new officers by acclamation

As NOLC's new president, IBEW Local 48 business representative Scott Zadow will lead delegate and Board meetings.