Boilermakers Local 242 elect new business manager


Brent Stephens

By Don McIntosh

Brent Stephens won election as business manager of Boilermakers Local 242, outpolling Scott Widdicombe and Luka Bender in ballots counted April 9. Stephens, 50, joined Local 242 in 2000. He served as steward and training center instructor, and was appointed assistant business manager by business manager Luke Lafley in 2019. Lafley left to accept a job at the international. Stephens will serve the remaining two years of his three-year term.

Headquartered in Spokane, Local 242 represents 364 workers in Oregon, Eastern Washington and Idaho who build, maintain and repair boilers, tanks, and pressure vessels. Journeyman pay is currently $39.46 an hour, plus $31.33 an hour for health, retirement, vacation, and training benefits.


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