ICTSI refuses to accept $19 million from ILWU and will seek new trial


Philippine multinational ICTSI said March 20 it won’t accept a judge’s ruling that ILWU must pay it $19.1 million in economic damages, arguing that’s too small.

In November, a jury directed ILWU to pay $93.6 million to ICTSI for the economic harm caused by a sustained dockworker slowdown at Port of Portland Terminal 6. But on March 5, the federal judge in the case determined that the $93.6 million figure was based on flawed assumptions, and ruled that $19.1 million was the maximum amount sustainable by the proof. Judge Michael Simon gave ICTSI the option to reject that and seek a new trial that would focus only on deciding the right amount of damages, not whether ILWU was at fault.

The worker slowdown was found to be illegal under the anti-union 1947 Taft-Hartley law because it was intended to put pressure a separate employer, the Port of Portland. ILWU wanted the Port to assign jobs plugging and unplugging refrigerated containers to ILWU members. No date has been set yet for the new trial.


  1. This is intended to Union Bust.I am sad to hear this story of my Brothers and Sisters. An Injury to one is an Injury to All.
    Philippine multinational ICTSI .
    I am Retired ILWU Local 502 .All your Union brothers and sisters are with you. Hope it turns out. Never heard of that company before. Be Strong.

  2. The Port of Portland Never should have dealt with ICTSI. And as I recall, we told them not to; for one ICTSI had a terrible reputation internationally.
    I am a retired merchant seaman, and my brothers and sisters in the ILWU don’t deserve this injustice – no one does.


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