IBEW Local 48 members now get pregnancy benefits 

IBEW Local 48 and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) expanded the time loss benefit with Harrison Trust to provide pregnancy benefits to members through their third trimester. The new benefit rolled out Jan. 1.

A pregnant woman who stops working within 13 weeks prior to the doctor-certified projected due date will be paid $800 per week in time loss benefits. Disability is not a requirement, and the member’s health care will be paid without reducing her hour bank. The benefits will also continue 13 weeks after the birth of the child, for a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits. All members who qualify for this new Harrison benefit, regardless of classification, get the full weekly time loss amount.

The Trust will also pay monthly health insurance premiums so that the member will receive six months of free health insurance coverage during that time for their families.

The intention of the benefit is to empower pregnant members to do what they think is best with respect to working while pregnant and while recovering from pregnancy, NECA/IBEW said in a press release. The coverage acknowledges the fact that working on a construction job in the final trimester can be very challenging — and that the first three months of a baby’s life are important. It also addresses how difficult it can be to find infant care during the hours an electrician works.

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