Monthly Archives: August, 2019

Following nine firings, Little Big Burger stays non-union

Workers at Portland burger chain Little Big Burger voted 41 to 29 to stay non-union in an election that the company asked the National Labor Relations Board to hold.

SEIU deal with Oregon includes 10-15% raises

The new two-year union contract covers 24,000 state employees.

AFSCME Local 328 declares impasse at OHSU

A strike authorization vote will be held Aug. 19-29 if a settlement hasn’t been reached.

Legacy appeals nurses’ union victory at Unity Center for Behavioral Health

The non-profit hospital chain is rolling the dice hoping the Trump labor board will strike down a union win.

Protest: Fred Meyer underpays women employees

A July 24 Oregon AFL-CIO rally at Fred Meyer called on the public to shop somewhere else.