Monthly Archives: March, 2019

Fast food workers announce union at Little Big Burger chain

A group of Little Big Burger employees — accompanied by over 100 picket-sign-wielding supporters — presented a letter to a Northwest Portland restaurant manager seeking union recognition.

Multnomah County may require non-profit contractors to stay union-neutral

A “union-neutrality” ordinance could be one of several reforms aimed at improving Multnomah County social services. Currently, low pay and heavy caseloads at nonprofit contractors are producing high turnover and lower quality services.

In Oregon, having a union at work means an extra $4,701 a year, and better benefits

A new report from the University of Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center finds that Oregon workers covered by a union contract earn 11 percent more than non-union workers.

New Oregon law bars massive rent increases

Landlords can no longer raise rent more than 7 percent plus inflation.

At a titanium plant in Albany, managers squelch union drive

At ATI Cast Products, a blitz of anti-union meetings turned a pro-union majority to a minority and resulted in a 285-179 vote against joining the United Steelworkers.

AFSCME on-call workers to Multnomah County: ‘no thanks’

Multnomah County is proposing to recognize 100 on-call workers as part of the union, while leaving 200 out.

Women of labor

Today’s labor movement and the rights working people enjoy would not be what they are without the contributions of strong, fearless women.

A picket line of union dentists

A group of 28 dentists at Multnomah County clinics joined Oregon AFSCME last Spring, but they’ve had a hard time reaching agreement on a first contract.

Union effort falls short at United Way in Portland

The vote was 12 in favor of joining Communications Workers of America Local 7901, and 14 opposed.

Workers unionize at two more Burgerville stores

Burgerville Workers Union now has majority support at the Convention Center and Montavilla restaurants.

Union labor is remaking Portland’s Providence Park soccer stadium

The project will employ 120 union members at its peak.