House Democrats plan to restore ‘Labor’ to the name of the labor committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. (PAI) —The House Education and Labor Committee is back. To nobody’s great surprise, the House Democratic Caucus, whose members will be the majority in the 116th Congress, voted to restore the word “Labor” to the name of the committee that deals with workers’ rights, job safety and other related issues.

That continues the 25-year back-and-forth between the two parties over the panel’s name. After winning in 1994, the GOP, hating the word “Labor,”changed the name to “Education and the Workforce.” When Democrats retook House control in the 2006 election, “Labor” rebounded. And when the GOP seized power four years after that, “Workforce” returned. Now “Labor” is back in the House.

It never left the Senate. 

The name changes symbolize continuing high partisanship on the panel. Democrats voted in Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), now ranking member, as chairman.  Republicans named current chair Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) as ranking member. She questions the need for unions at all.

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