A union guide to Oregon’s November general election


If a candidate is listed in bold below, they’re backed by at least one labor organization. To keep a long list as short as possible, union-endorsed candidates who are running unopposed or against only token opposition are not listed.

You’ll see that unions sometimes didn’t agree: In some winner-take-all races, more than one candidate got support from at least one union.

Following each name is a list of union endorsers and a link to the campaign web site, if they have one. [We list all acronyms here and in a legend at the bottom.]

DON’T FORGET: Ballots must be received (not postmarked) by Nov. 6!


Congressional District 1 (NW Oregon)

Suzanne Bonamici, a three-term incumbent, has a 95 percent lifetime rating from the AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO, AFGE, AFT, IAFF, IAM, IBT, IUPAT, OEA, ONA BonamiciForCongress.com

Congressional District 2 (E Oregon)

Jamie McLeod Skinner is a city planner and former AFSCME member. She’s mounting the most serious challenge in years to 20-year incumbent Congressman Greg Walden, a Republican whose votes over the years have earned him a 23 percent lifetime rating from the national AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO, APWU, IBT, OEA, SEIU 503, UFCW, WFP JamieForOregon.com

Congressional District 3 (E Portland)

Earl Blumenauer, an 11-term incumbent, has a 94 percent lifetime rating from the AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO, AFL-CIO, AFGE, AFT, OEA EarlBlumenauer.com

Congressional District 4 (SW Oregon)

Peter DeFazio, a 16-term incumbent, has a 94 percent AFL-CIO rating. AFT, AFGE, OEA, UFCW, WFP defazioforcongress.org

Congressional District 5 (W Oregon)

Kurt Schrader, an 11-term incumbent, has an 83 percent lifetime rating from the AFL-CIO. AFGE, OEA, UFCW kurtschrader.com



Kate Brown, a Democrat, has been Oregon’s governor since John Kitzhaber resigned in February 2015. In 2015, Brown signed legislation giving Oregon workers the right to paid sick leave. In 2016, as unions considered two competing ballot measure proposals to raise the minimum wage, Brown met with business and labor leaders and crafted a compromise – raising the wage at different rates in different parts of the state. By 2022, the resulting legislation will raise wages to $14.75 in the Portland area, $13.50 in the Willamette Valley and the North Coast, and $12.50 in rural Eastern Oregon. In 2017, Brown signed a $5.3 billion transportation funding package and laws cracking down on abusive scheduling practices by employers, barring local jurisdictions from passing antiunion “right-to-work” ordinances, and taxing health care providers to pay for the Oregon Health Plan. Her Republican opponent, state representative Knute Buehler, voted against all those laws. He also says he won’t sign any spending bills until the Legislature sends him a bill “reforming” Oregon’s PERS public pension system. He did not seek union endorsement. AFL-CIO, AFGE, AFT, OBTC, OEA, ONA, UFCW KateBrownForOregon.com

Ballot measures

Measure 102

SUPPORT This constitutional amendment would make public investments in affordable go farther by allowing local governments to partner with non-profit and private housing providers when spending public bond proceeds. Oregon legislators voted almost unanimously to refer this constitutional amendment to voters. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME 88, 189, 328, AFT, ATU, IBEW 48, IAFF 43, OEA, OSEA, PAT, SEIU 49, 503, UBC, UFCW, WFP YesForAffordableHousing.com

Measure 103

OPPOSE This measure, bankrolled by giant grocery chains, would amend the Oregon Constitution to bar any taxes on food or soda — and exempt the grocery industry from any future increases in the state’s minimum corporate income tax. Bear in mind there is no current tax on groceries, and no one is proposing one. Grocery union UFCW is not in favor; in fact, defeating Measure 103 is one of its top priorities this year.  AFL-CIO, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, ATU, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, WFP NoOn103.org

Measure 104

OPPOSE This constitutional amendment is the latest in a long line of efforts to undermine majority rule and hamstring the ability of Oregon’s elected representatives to fund schools and public services. A 1996 ballot measure (which itself passed by 55 percent in a low-turnout primary) currently requires a 60 percent (three-fifths) supermajority vote in the legislature to raise taxes of any sort. Measure 104 would make it so that lawmakers would also need that same hard-to-obtain three-fifths supermajority to repeal or reform tax breaks. If it passes, it will make it harder for the legislature to reverse special interest tax loopholes that were a bad idea to begin with.  AFL-CIO, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, ATU, IAFF, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, WFP NoOn104.org

Measure 105

OPPOSE This measure would repeal a 1987 state law that bars state and local law enforcement agencies from apprehending people SOLELY on suspicion that they may have violated federal immigration law. Back then, the law passed overwhelmingly, with support from both parties, in response to racial profiling by police, like a case in which Polk County sheriffs demanded that a U.S. citizen of Mexican descent prove he was in the United States legally. Under the law, local police are still arresting immigrants if they commit crimes. But Oregonians can’t be stopped, detained or interrogated just because someone thinks they might be an undocumented immigrant. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, ATU, IBEW 48, ILWU 5, IUPAT, IW, LiUNA, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, UBC, UFCW, WFP ORunited.org

Measure 106

OPPOSE This constitutional amendment prohibits public funds from being spent on abortions in Oregon, except when medically necessary or required by federal law. It would impact two groups of Oregonians in particular: the 271,833 low-income women of reproductive age who are enrolled in the Medicaid-funded Oregon Health Plan, and the 77,344 women of reproductive age who get insurance through the Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB) and Oregon Educators Benefits Board (OEBB). For the majority of PEBB and OEBB enrollees who are union members, those are benefits they bargained for.  AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, ATU, IAFF, ONA, OSEA, PAT, SEIU 49, 503, UFCW, WFP NoCutsToCare.com


Senate District 1 (Roseburg)
  • Dallas Heard, incumbent Republican OBTC
  • Shannon Souza, Democrat OBTC, IBEW 932, OSEA, SEIU 503, 49, WFP ElectShannonSouza.org
Senate District 3 (Medford)

Jeff Golden, manager for Medford’s public television station, faces Republican businesswoman Jessica Gomez AAUP, AFSCME, IBT, OEA, OSEA, SEIU, SMART, WFP GoldenForSenate.com

Senate District 4 (Eugene)

Floyd Prozanski, incumbent Democrat. AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, ATU 757, IAFF, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, UA 290, UFCW Floyd4Senate.com

Senate District 6 (Springfield)

Lee Beyer, incumbent Democrat. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW VoteLeeBeyer.com

Senate District 8 (Corvallis)

Sara Gelser, incumbent Democrat. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IBEW 48, IBT, IUOE 701, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, SMART, UBC, UFCW, USW, WFP SaraGelser.com

Senate District 10 (Salem)
  • Deb Patterson, Democrat, is a Congregational minister and home care provider represented by SEIU Local 503, and an Oregon Labor Candidate School graduate. AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, IBT, OEA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, WFP DebPattersonOR.org
  • Jackie Winters, Republican, is a longtime incumbent. OBTC JackieWinters.com
Senate District 11 (Salem)

Peter Courtney, incumbent Democrat and Senate President, faces a challenge from Republican Greg Warnock. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, OEA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW, WFP  VotePeterCourtney.com

Senate District 13 (Keizer)

Sarah Grider, an educational assistant at Newberg School District, is president of OSEA Local 17 at Newberg High School. She’s challenging Republican incumbent Kim Thatcher. Grider lost the Democratic primary to Willamette law professor Paul Diller, but then he dropped out of the race, and she was named his replacement in a party nominating convention.  AFL-CIO, AFT, OSEA, PCCFAP/PCCFCE, SEIU 49, UFCW, WFP SarahGrider.org

Senate District 15 (Hillsboro)

Chuck Riley, incumbent Democrat. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF 1660, IBEW 48, IBT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, UFCW, WFP  ChuckRiley.org

Senate District 19 (Tualatin)

Rob Wagner, incumbent Democrat, is a former lobbyist for AFT. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IBEW 48, OEA, ONA, OSEA, PCCFAP/PCCFCE, SEIU 49, 503, UFCW, USW, WFP   RobWagnerForOregon.com

Senate District 20 (Canby)

Charles Gallia, a health policy researcher, is challenging incumbent Republican Alan Olsen. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, ATU, IAM, IBT, ILWU, Insulators, IW 29, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, UFCW, WFP   Gallia4Oregon.com

Senate District 26 (Hood River)

Chrissy Reitz, a Hood River School Board member, is challenging incumbent Republican Chuck Thomsen. AFSCME, AFT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 503 UFCW, WFP   ChrissyForOregon.com


House District 2 (Roseburg)

Gary Leif, who was appointed to the office when fellow Republican Dallas Heard was appointed to fill the senate seat vacated by Jeff Kruse, faces a challenge from Democrat Megan Salter, a homemaker and former teacher. OBTC GaryLeif.com

House District 6 (Medford)

Michelle Blum Atkinson, a Democrat, is challenging Republican incumbent Sal Esquivel. AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, OEA, OSEA, SEIU BlumAtkinson.com

House District 7 (Roseburg)

Kristy Inskip, a Lane County public health worker and member of AFSCME 2831, is challenging Republican incumbent Cedric Hayden. [See a profile of her campaign here.] OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, OPEIU OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, UFCW InskipForOregon.com

House District 9 (Coos Bay)

Caddy McKeown may be the least labor-friendly Democrat in the House, and voted against minimum wage and other labor priorities. But she’s been a reliable backer of funding for K-12 and infrastructure. She faces a challenge from Republican community college instructor Teri Grier. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IAM, OEA, ONA, SEIU, UA 290, UFCW  caddymckeown.com

House District 10 (Central Coast)

David Gomberg a kite store owner, is the Democratic incumbent. AFL-CIO, OBTC, IAM, OEA, UFCW ElectGomberg.com

House District 11 (Eugene)

Marty Wilde, a Democrat, faces Republican Mark Herbert for the open seat that was held by Democrat Phil Barnhart. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFT, ATU, IBEW, IBT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UFCW, WFP WildeForOregon.com

House District 15 (Albany)

Jerred Taylor, a Democrat, was a supply chain manager until the solar manufacturer he worked for closed last year. He faces Republican straw farmer Shelly Boshart Davis and Independent Party candidate Cynthia Hyatt for the seat now held by Republican Andy Olson. AFSCME, AFT, IBT, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, UFCW, WFP JerredTaylor.com

House District 18 (Silverton)

Barry Shapiro, a photography teacher, is challenging Republican incumbent Rick Lewis IBT, UFCW Vote4Barry.org

House District 19 (Salem)

Mike Ellison, an electrician and member of IBEW Local 280, is challenging Republican incumbent Denyc Boles.[See a profile of his campaign here.]  AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, IAFF, IBEW 48, 280, IBT, Insulators, IW 29, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, SMART, UA 290, UFCW, WFP MikeEllisonForOregon.com

House District 20 (Monmouth)

Paul Evans, a Democratic incumbent, faces Republican dentist Selma Pierce, wife of 2016 gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF,IAM, IBEW, IBT, IUPAT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, SMART, UFCW, WFP PaulEvans.org

House District 22 (Woodburn)

Teresa Alonso Leon, Democratic incumbent and a member of SEIU, faces Republican Marty Heyen, a member of the Salem-Keizer School Board. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IUPAT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, UFCW, WFP ElectAlonsoLeon.com

House District 23 (Independence)

Danny Jaffer, a Democrat, faces Republican incumbent Mike Nearman. AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT, IBT, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, UFCW, WFP DannyJaffer.com

House District 25 (Keizer)

Dave McCall, retired manager of an Oregon armored car service, is a Democrat challenging Republican incumbent Bill Post. OSEA, UFCW FriendsOfDaveMcCall.com

House District 26 (Sherwood)
  • Richard Vial, a real estate lawyer, is a Republican incumbent. OBTC, IBT RichVial.org
  • Courtney Neron, a high school French and Spanish teacher, is the Democratic nominee. AFSCME, OEA, SEIU 49, UFCW CourtneyForOregon.com
House District 27 (Beaverton)

Sheri Malstrom, a Democratic incumbent, community health nurse at Multnomah County, and member of Oregon Nurses Association, faces Republican business executive Brian Pierson and Libertarian Katy Brumbelow. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT,IAM, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, UA 290, UFCW SheriMalstrom.com

House District 29 (Hillsboro)

Susan McLain, Democratic incumbent and retired teacher, faces Republican David Molina. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IAM, IBT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 503, UA 290, UFCW, WFP SusanMcLain.org

House District 30 (Hillsboro)

Janeen Sollman, Democratic incumbent, works for an education software company. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF 1660, IBT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 503, UA 290, UFCW, WFP JaneenSollman.com

House District 32 (North Coast)

Tiffiny Mitchell, a Democrat, faces Vineeta Lower for the open seat long held by Democrat Deborah Boone. Mitchell is a child welfare case manager coordinator and a member of SEIU 503. AFL-CIO, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, OEA, ONA, SEIU 49, 503, UFCW, WFP  tiffinyfororegon.com

House District 37 (West Linn)
  • Rachel Prusak is a nurse and union member in ONA [See a profile of her campaign here.] AFL-CIO, AFT, OBTC, AFSCME, IAFF 1660, IAM, IBEW 48, IUPAT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, WFP  RachelForStateRep.com
  • Julie Parrish, a campaign consultant, is the Republican incumbent, and was chief petitioner of a failed January 2018 ballot measure that aimed to undo the Legislature’s Medicaid funding mechanism. UFCW  Facebook.com/Julie4Oregon
House District 39 (Oregon City)

Christine Drazan, a former top staffer to Republican legislative leaders, faces Democrat and farmer Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey for the seat currently held by Republican Bill Kennemer, who’s not seeking re-election. OBTC  ChristineForOregon.com

House District 49 (Troutdale)

Chris Gorsek, a Democratic incumbent, faces Republican Justin Hwang and Libertarian Heather Ricks. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AAUP, AFSCME, ATU, IBEW, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU, UFCW, WFP  ChrisGorsek.com

House District 51 (Clackamas)

Janelle Bynum, Democratic incumbent, faces Republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer, the mayor of Happy Valley. It’s a rematch: Bynum only narrowly defeated Chavez-DeRemer two years ago. AFL-CIO, OBTC, AAUP, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, IAM, IBT, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 49, 503, WFP  JanelleBynum.com

House District 52 (Hood River)

Anna Williams, a social worker, is challenging Republican incumbent Jeffrey Helfrich AFL-CIO, OBTC, AFSCME, AFT, IAFF, OEA, ONA, OSEA, SEIU 503, 49, UBC, UFCW, WFP  FriendsOfAnnaWilliams.com

House District 53 (Sunriver)

Eileen Kiely, a retired Daimler manager, faces Republican realtor Jack Zika for the seat currently held by Republican Gene Whisnant.  AAUP, IBT, OEA, OSEA, SEIU 503, 49, UFCW  KielyForOregon. com

House District 55 (Powell Butte)
  • Mike McLane, a lawyer, is a Republican incumbent and the leader of House Republicans OBTC  VoteMcLane.com
  • Karen Rippberger, a former public school teacher, is the Democratic nominee AFT, OEA, OSEA, WFP Karen4Oregon.com


Measure 26-199 Regional Affordable Housing Bond

SUPPORT Backed by a coalition of labor, business, faith, nonprofit and community groups, this housing bond was referred to voters by the Metro Council. It will build new affordable homes and renovate existing homes for over 7,500 people in the region in need of safe, affordable housing (or up to 12,000 people if the statewide Measure 102 passes as well.) NOLC, CPBTC, AFSCME 189 328, 3580, 88, AFT, , IAFF 43, IBEW 48, ONA, PAT, SEIU 49, 503, UBC, UFCW, WFP YesForAffordableHousing.com

Councilor Position 2 (S/SE)
  • Christine Lewis is legislative director at the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, and formerly worked for House Speaker Tina Kotek and Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey. NOLC, AFSCME 3580, CPBTC, IBEW 48, LiUNA 483, PAT, UFCW, WFP ChristineLewisForMetro.com
  • Joe Buck is a Lake Oswego City Council member, owner of the Babica Hen Cafe in Lake Oswego and Dundee, and former board member of the local chamber of commerce. He got 38 percent in the May primary, and faces Christine Lewis, who got 23 percent, in the runoff.  IBT, IAFF 1159, IAFF 1660 JoeBuckforMetro.com



Pamela White, communications director for Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board, is challenging incumbent Sherry Hall, a Republican. Hall’s 15-year tenure has been marked by partisanship, multiple expensive screw-ups on ballots and voters guides, and a ballot-tampering case in which a county elections worker went to jail for filling in ballots for Republican candidates  NOLC, CWA, IBEW 48, IBT, UFCW, WFP Pamela4Clerk.com


Commissioner, Position 2

Henry Heimuller, the incumbent, is a former paramedic and transit coordinator NOLC, UFCW henryheimuller.com


Commissioner, Position 2

John Sweet, the incumbent, is a supporter of the proposed Jordan Cove liquid natural gas terminal. UFCW


Commissioner, Position 5 (East)

Heather Buch, the owner of a property management company, is challenging Republican former Cottage Grove mayor Gary Williams, who is the incumbent because he was picked to fill Faye Stewart’s term. Buch walked the picket line in support of striking County workers and has strong union backing. Williams is backed by Seneca Jones Timber Company, a deep-pocketed funder of Republican campaigns. A win for Buch would eliminate an anti-union majority on the Lane County Commission.  Lane County CLC, Lane Coos Curry Douglas Building Trades, AFSCME 2831, ATU, IBEW 280, IBT, IW, SEIU 503, SEIU 49, UBC 271, UFCW, WFP heatherbuch.com


Commissioner, Position 1

Shelaswau Crier, a state police academy instructor, is a Democrat facing incumbent Republican Kevin Cameron, a restaurant owner and former state rep. ATU, UFCW, WFP VoteCrierForMarionCounty.org



Jennifer McGuirk is a senior performance auditor at Multnomah County. NOLC, CPBTC, AFSCME, AFSCME 88  JenniferMcGuirk.com

Circuit Court Judge, Position 30

Ben Souede, incumbent, faces a challenge from Bob Callahan NOLC  BenSouede.com



Kathryn Harrington is a current Metro Council member and is running with strong labor support against current Washington County commissioner Bob Terry for the chair’s position. NOLC, AFSCME, AWPPW, IAFF 1660, IBEW 48, IBT, ILWU, IW, five OEA locals, Roofers, SEIU 49, SEIU 503, SMART, UA 290, UBC, UFCW, WFP  KathrynForOurCounty.com


Commissioner, Position 1

Casey Kulla, an organic vegetable and marijuana farmer, is challenging incumbent Stan Primozich, a financial advisor backed by county Republicans. SEIU 503, UFCW CaseyKulla.com


City Council, Position 5

Gena Goodman-Campbell, a conservation activist, is in a three-way race alongside Andrew Davis and Victor Johnson. UFCW, WFP GenaForBend.com


City Council Ward 2

Kyle Allen, incumbent, was a member of Teamsters 162 when he worked for UPS and a member of OPEIU 11. He also worked for Working America, where he started out as a canvasser. He currently works for Virginia Garcia Clinic. He faces two challengers. NOLC, IAFF, PCCFAP  KyleAllen.org



Tammy Stempel, incumbent, faces a challenge from Gladstone City Councilor Tom Mersereau. NOLC, AFSCME ReElectTammyStempel.com


City Council, Position 2

Eddy Morales, former board member of Jobs With Justice,is challenging incumbent Kirk French. NOLC, AFSCME, IBEW 48, IBT, ONA, UFCW, WFP  Eddy4Gresham.com

City Council, Position 4

Mario Palmero, incumbent, is a benefits coordinator at Oregon Department of Human Services. He faces three challengers. NOLC, AFSCME  Mario4Gresham.com


City Council (three positions)

Voters cast ballots for three of the eight candidates, and the top three are elected.

Jackie Manz, incumbent. NOLC, AFSCME Manz4LOcitycouncil.com

Daniel Nguyen, owner of the Bambuza restaurant chain NOLC, AFSCME, IAFF 1159, UFCW  DanielForCityCouncil.com

Massene Mboupe, director of the International Leadership Academy, a small private French language school, once tried to unionize a previous employer with AFT. AFSCME, IAFF 1159, UFCW MasseneMboupForLakeOswego.com

Emma Burke, a licensed massage therapist NOLC, UFCW bit.ly/2xGiQDU


26-201 (Portland Clean Energy Fund)

SUPPORT This measure would levy a 1 percent surcharge on the Portland sales of large retailers with over $1 billion in global sales, and use those funds to pay for local renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and for job training aimed at getting women, minorities, the disabled, and chronically underemployed into clean energy jobs.  AFSCME 189, 88, 2505, 3336, 3580, ATU, IBT 206, ILWU 5, AFM 99, NALC 82, PAT, SEIU 49, 503, UBC  PortlandCleanEnergyInitiative.com

26-200 (Portland Fair Elections)

SUPPORT This measure would amend the city charter to limit campaign contributions and expenditures for city office. Candidates could accept no more than $500 from an individual or from a political committee, and could loan their own campaign no more than $5,000. But they could accept unlimited amounts from small donor committees that take in contributions of $100 or less per individual per year, as well as any amount from a public campaign finance system. The measure would also limit independent expenditures to $5,000 per individual and $10,000 per political committee. ATU, NALC Honest-Elections.com

Commission, Position 3
  • Loretta Smith, a Multnomah County Commissioner for the last eight years, is calling for all-union project labor agreements on all City construction projects. NOLC, CPBTC, BAC 1, Boilermakers 104, IBEW 48, IBT, Insulators 36, IUOE 701, IUPAT, IW 29, OPCMIA 82, OPCMIA 555, Roofers 49, SMART, UA 290, UA 669, UBC, UFCW  LorettaForPortland.com
  • Jo Ann Hardesty was a Democratic state rep. from 1995 to 2000 (under her then-name Jo Ann Bowman) and got high marks from labor. She also served as executive director of the nonprofit Oregon Action, as an aide to Multnomah County Commissioner Beverly Stein, and as president of the NAACP. Her campaign has focused on housing affordability, homelessness, and police accountability. AFSCME 189, ATU 757, CWA 7901, ILWU, LiUNA 483, PAT, PCCFFAP/PCCFCE, PTE 17, SEIU 49, 503  JoannForPortland.com



The acronyms below refer to statewide or regional bodies unless a local number is listed. 

AFL-CIO the state federation that most unions belong to

AAUP university professors

AFM 99 musicians

AFSCME state, county, and municipal employees

  • 88 Multnomah County
  • 189 City of Portland
  • 2505 OLCC
  • 328 OHSU
  • 350 Clackamas County
  • 3336 Oregon DEQ
  • 3580 Metro
  • 2831 Lane County

AFT AFT-Oregon (college instructors and school support staff)

ATU 757 transit

AWPPW pulp and paper mill

BAC Bricklayers Local 1

Boilermakers Local 104

CPBTC Portland metro area building trades council

CWA 7901 telecom

IAFF fire fighters

  • 43 Portland
  • 1159 Clackamas County
  • 314 Salem
  • 2210 Hillsboro
  • 1660 Tualatin Valley

IAM Oregon Machinists Council

IBEW electrical workers

  • 48 Portland
  • 280 Albany
  • 125 utility lineman local

IBT Teamsters Joint Council 37

IBU Inland Boatmen’s Union

ILWU longshore/warehouse

Insulators Insulators Local 36

IUOE 701 Operating Engineers Local 701

IUPAT Painters District Council 5

IW Ironworkers Local 29

LiUNA Oregon/SW Washington District Council of Laborers

  • 483 public sector laborers
  • 737 construction laborers

NALC 82 letter carriers

NOLC NW Oregon Labor Council, the local AFL-CIO

OBTC state building trades

OEA Oregon Education Assn. (teachers) or local affiliates

OFNHP nurses and health techs

ONA Oregon Nurses Association

OPEIU 11 office/professional

OPCMIA 82 Plasterers Local 82

OPCMIA 555 Cement Masons Local 555

OSEA school employees

PAT Portland Association of  Teachers

PCCFFAP/PCCFCE faculty and classified locals of AFT at PCC

PTE 17 Professional & Technical Employees at City of Portland

Roofers  Roofers Local 49

SEIU service employees

  • 503 public sector
  • 49 hospital and janitorial

SMART Sheet Metal Local 16

UA 290 plumbers and fitters

UFCW grocery

UBC Carpenters

USW steel workers

WFP Working Families Party, a union-backed minor party


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