Monthly Archives: February, 2017

ATU vs. TriMet case headed for Oregon Supreme Court

Can public sector unions and their employers allow the press and members of the public to observe union contract negotiations?

OPEIU pension seeks to cut retiree benefits

The proposed benefit cuts of 29 percent are supposed to save a pension plan that would otherwise run out of money in 2035.

At the Oregon Legislature: A Robust Labor Agenda

Labor muscle helped elect many of Oregon’s legislators. Now Oregon unions are mobilizing behind an agenda of fair taxes, good jobs, and expanded protections for workers rights. Here are some recent highlights.

Unions facing fierce attack in GOP-led state legislatures

Iowa strips public worker collective bargaining rights, but right-to-work fails in New Hampshire.

Vigor shipyard workers vote to extend contract to Sept. 1

The extension will give the sides more time to address problems with multi-employer pension plans.

Trump’s Labor Secretary nominee: Puzder withdraws; Acosta up next

After Puzder, Acosta comes as a relief to labor.

Laborers leader Dave Tischer clocks out

Tischer, 54, retired Jan. 1 after 19 years as a leader in Locals 320 and 737.

Boeing South Carolina votes to stay nonunion

South Carolina Boeing rejected the Machinists Union by a three-to-one margin

UNDER THE ROSS ISLAND BRIDGE: Investigating a low-bid nonunion contractor, a union finds problems aplenty

Under the Ross Island Bridge Feb. 8, a painter plummeted 40 feet and landed on his own son, putting both in the hospital.

Another state goes ‘right-to-work’ – Missouri

Missouri follows close on the heels of Kentucky, and a right-to-work bill in Congress would bar any requirement to pay union dues nationwide.

Huge tenant win at Portland City Council

It’s the closest thing to rent control: All but the smallest landlords will pay tenants a relocation fee of up to $4,500 if they raise rent more than 10 percent or issue a no-cause eviction.

Lynn R. Lehrbach, 1937-2017

The career union rep worked on civil rights for the UAW, and later served as political director for Teamsters Joint Council 37.

What we see today in the streets is an insurgency of epic proportions

If this grassroots movement can be maintained and grow, the 2018 election will bring change.

The Strike: U.S. labor’s long-lost weapon

Major work stoppages have declined over 95 percent since the 1940s.

Buffett-owned Precision Castparts busts union drive in California

“Union avoidance” consultants turned around a Machinists union drive at a Los Angeles area aerospace parts manufacturer.

Apprentices can benefit from energy infrastructure projects

Keep Washington Competitive, a business-labor coalition that supports energy infrastructure projects, arranged a tour of IBEW training center for elected leaders.

Brett Hinsley hired by Cement Masons international

Business agent Geoff Kossak was appointed by the Executive Board to complete Hinsley’s unexpired term as business manager.

Rose Etta Venetucci first woman business rep at IATSE Local 28

IATSE Local 28 represents about 400 stage, wardrobe, and allied craft workers.

Could unions be getting more popular? New poll shows surge in support

The latest Pew poll shows 60% of Americans favor unions, the second-highest level since 1985.

Presses go silent at former Graphic Arts Center

91 workers will lose their jobs in the closure.

Eryn Byram new executive director of Labor’s Community Services

She succeeds Vickie Burns, who retired in January.