Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Washington Primary: Round One in battle over control of the state

Washington’s “top two” primary once again delivered strange results as ballots were counted following the Aug. 2 vote.

Union-busting bakery accused of wage theft in class-action lawsuit

Portland Specialty Bakery, which makes baked goods for Starbucks, is accused of wage and hour and sick leave violations.

Oregon Working Families Party challenges free-trader Ron Wyden

After losing thousands to Bernie supporters, the party won back enough registrants to keep its ballot line.

On core union issues, conventions showcase a growing partisan divide

Democrats approve a strongly pro-union platform. Republicans call for a prevailing wage ban, and laws to weaken unions.

Portland Public Schools’ OTHER lead exposure problem

Chips and dust from lead paint are all over the place as Franklin High School undergoes renovation.

Bakers Local 114 closes Wells Fargo account for its link to an anti-union group

For business leaders, actions sometimes have consequences.

On USPS birthday, Portlanders deliver a message

A bill in Congress would end door-to-door delivery nationwide

DirecTV workers in Oregon join CWA

The company voluntarily recognized the union after a majority of a group of 80 workers signed union cards.

Local labor movement personnel changes

Heather Conroy, Alma Raya, Stacy Chamberlain, Jaime Sorenson, Joe Esmonde