Resolved: Oregon Building Trades delegates set policy


Delegates passed the following resolutions at the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council convention Aug. 11-12 in Bend:

  • Support of Local Unions Forming Partnerships with CTE Programs Urge affiliated Local Unions to make a concerted effort to partner with high schools in their area, AND to offer use of their facilities and faculty for Career Technical Education (CTE) training of high school students to high schools that currently offer or will offer CTE programs.
  • Support In-State RPS Generation Requirements  Urge the Oregon Legislature to implement a requirement that 85% of Oregon’s energy generated to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) should be generated within state boundaries, and the construction and design of these new facilities should be done by members of the Oregon Building Trades, and prevailing wage requirements should be the standard.
  • Support Transportation Infrastructure Financing  The number one priority of the OSBCTC is to get  legislative approval of a robust, multi-modal transportation infrastructure financing plan in the 2017 legislative session.
  • Support Measure 98, the High School Graduation and College and Career Readiness Act The OSBCTC supports Measure 98, and the investments it proposes, with the goal of ensuring that all high school students have access to meaningful career-technical education programs, college credit courses, and the supports they need to stay on track to graduation beginning in 9th Grade; the Council will work with the campaign — Oregonians for High School Success —to ensure the measure’s approval by the voters in the November 2016 general election.
  • Use Entire Bonding Capacity to Fix Water/Air Pollution Crisis  Recognizing Oregon’s crumbling infrastructure, which is beginning to poison the air and water, OSBCTC urges the Legislature and the Governor’s office to use all of the state’s $167 million in unallocated bonding capacity to put Oregonians to work to solve this urgent problem.
  • Support of the Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal and the Pacific Connector Natural Gas Pipeline The OSBCTC calls upon Governor Brown, members of the Oregon Legislature, and members of Oregon’s Congressional delegation to fully support the permitting and construction of the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export terminal at North Bend, Coos County, Oregon, to improve the economy  of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Continue Funding OMCS The OSBCTC will levy for one year, starting at the date this resolution is adopted, an assessment of $1 per member, per month, for the purpose of supporting the efforts and work of Oregonians to Maintain Community Standards, OSBCTC’s political action committee.  The Executive Board will review any further increases or decreases in six months, and have the authority to adjust according to need.


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