Monthly Archives: April, 2016

Hearing on Instafab safety record erupts in shouting match

One year into a strike, Oregon House speaker Tina Kotek headlines the Workers Rights Board panel

DEADLY DUST: OSHA’s new silica rule will save lives

The silica rule covering 2 million construction workers is the most significant OSHA move in decades.

Silicosis hits home

The disease can strike anyone exposed, even someone who teaches good safety practices to others.

Unionist Amanda Schroeder wants to fight for East Multnomah County

The candidate for Multnomah County Commission is looking to succeed Diane McKeel.

Oregon AFSCME hires successor to executive director Ken Allen

Public sector union leader Michael Seville is currently at IFPTE Local 21 in San Francisco.

Ireland’s corporate agenda

To see the result of a corporate agenda run amok, just look to Ireland.

Workplace deaths rising

Job-related deaths are on the rise in Oregon and throughout the United States.

Retired Bakers union member walks to defeat melanoma

Melanoma survivor Robin Zimmerman lost his wife in 2008 after a four year battle with the disease.

Over 10,000 severe worker injuries reported in first year of new OSHA requirement

Most of the hazards that led to severe injuries could easily have been prevented.

Are Oregon Democrats backtracking already on the minimum wage?

Several leaders in the Oregon House and Senate say they'll consider a lower training or youth wage.

Bernie Sanders: “Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty.”

Sanders said real change comes from below, like fast food workers who strike for $15 an hour.

The Fight for $15: The Right Wage for a Working America

An architect of Seattle's $15 minimum wage has written a book about the surging 15 movement.

Film unions hail expansion of Oregon tax credit

Grimm, Portlandia, and the upcoming TV show Librarians are among the beneficiaries.

Laid-off Nabisco workers push Mexican Oreo boycott

Boycott education teams of laid-off workers will travel the country starting in the Chicago area.

Oregon’s ‘incredible’ crackdown on wage theft

Oregon legislators passed a law that will make wage thieves tremble.

New rule forces union-busters into the daylight

The Department of Labor has eliminated a reporting loophole that lasted 54 years.

Foreign trade ruled a factor in Newberg paper mill closure

About 200 workers lost jobs at WestRock, formerly SP Fiber.

Union candidate drops out of Oregon House race … after McDonald’s franchise owner gets leader support

By Don McIntosh, Associate editor In our March 18 issue, in a story about union members who are running for office, I reported that nurses union...