Monthly Archives: December, 2015

2015 in review

Labor lost the fight over fast track in 2015, but in Oregon, it was the year workers won sick leave

What’s ahead for labor in 2016

2016 will see a pivotal Court decision, a fight against the TPP, and efforts to raise minimum wage

Congress delays Cadillac tax

Labor has two more years to kill the tax on costly health plans – Obamacare’s most hated feature

Danielson ends 30 years at helm of Insulators Local 36

Danielson is the longest-serving business manager in the history of the international.

The return of Kurt Schrader

After his Fast Track vote, the Oregon Congressman visits the House of Labor

NLRB says ATI lockout of Steelworkers is illegal

If a judge agrees, the company could owe over $50 million in back pay for locking out workers.

Beer hauler moves to bust Teamsters union

Teamsters Local 162 is facing a union-busting effort by a local MillerCoors distributor.

Elevator Constructors elect new officers

Local 23 represents workers who install, maintain and repair elevators and escalators

ATI Albany Steelworkers: Locked out, but standing proud

Picketers think a strike or lockout was ATI’s plan all along, but they're not about to give up.

Letter Carriers Branch 82 celebrates 125 years of union

Branch 82 maintains photos and detailed historical records dating back to its formation in 1890.

City of Portland on track to add hundreds to Rec worker union

Portland Parks & Rec employees look to get $15 and a union.

Portland labor’s big giving party — Presents from Partners

Over 300 children of unemployed union members got presents at NOLC’s annual holiday party.

$15 ballot measure passes 15,000 signatures

Organizers say they’re aiming to have 30,000 by the time Legislature meets in February.

Ron Fortune, 1936-2015

The NW Oregon Labor Council leader was a 59-year member of UFCW.

Volunteers from IBEW Local 48 help light up The Grotto Festival of Lights

Continuing a 28-year tradition, IBEW Local 48 volunteers install 500,000 lights.

The minimum will rise

2015 was a year of victories and defeats for Oregon’s working people.

Uber wins at Portland City Council

Portland legalizes app-based rides, but Commissioner Novick promises right-to-unionize ordinance

A labor report from the Paris climate summit

Washington AFL-CIO’s Jeff Johnson tells why he was there, and why labor MUST get involved.

IBEW 125 members ratify contract at Pacificorp

About 320 workers will get 2 percent raises in the new four-year deal.

Former labor council leader Ron Fortune dies

Fortune, a 59-year member of UFCW Local 555, led NOLC from 1985 to 1998.

Belts tighten as ATI lockout of union Steelworkers enters fourth month

The locked out steelworkers are struggling to get by on $538 a week in unemployment benefits.