Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Health Care for All rally brings hundreds to Salem

A coalition calls for single-payer health care in Oregon

Why I’m no longer an Oregonian subscriber

Attacks on workers in the Oregonian have made it quite clear whose side they are on.

Robert Stanfill, 1923 – 2015

The Plasterers leader and WWII vet led the state building trades for 16 years

John Kitzhaber resigns amid ‘media frenzy’

In spite of the recent scandal, unionists laud Kitzhaber for his labor record

Oregon’s new governor, Kate Brown

The newly sworn in governor also has a decades-long relationship with organized labor

PDX: a highly desirable workplace, for managers

Port of Portland hires a $197-an-hour consultant to develop its policy to help low-wage workers

Common Sense Economics introduced at Labor Law Conference

The program illustrates why today’s economy isn’t working for working people.

First Unitarian Church of Portland recognizes a union

Church leaders balk at first, but pressure from the congregation prompts a change of heart

Construction: Not just for boys

Girls-only Construction Clubs are forming in Portland high schools, led by Oregon Tradeswomen

Taxi drivers appeal to City: No special rules for Uber

A City task force will propose new taxi regs by April

Port to weigh PDX worker reforms

Port Commission will hear proposal for “worker retention” at March 11 meeting

Steelworkers strike Anacortes, 8 other U.S. refineries

It is the union’s largest strike since 1980.

Big change to law on union pensions

Pensioners could share the pain under a new law that lets trustees cut benefits to make plans solvent

Propane terminal owner commits to build with union labor

The $500 million project at the Port of Portland would also mean up to 40 permanent jobs

Unions join rally for $15 minimum wage

Democrats who control the Oregon Legislature will consider several bills to raise the minimum wage

John C. Wagoner, 1946 -2014

The Camas native was active in AWPPW, and lobbied in Olympia for fellow mill workers