Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Klamath Falls Walmart fires worker who went on strike

Ismael Nuñez struck to protest retaliation against other workers. Now HE's been terminated.


2014 had the second fewest strikes since the federal government began keeping records in 1947

City of Portland to consider $15 an hour for contract workers

If passed it would be a more than $4 jump for janitors, security guards and others

Union percentage lowest-ever nationally: 11.1 percent

Oregon ranks #7 nationally for union density

Lights on? Thank an IBEW member

Local 125 launches an ad campaign


How the Oregonian stretched facts to argue that a massive minimum wage increase wouldn’t help workers

Get ready for two years of GOP attacks on labor in Congress

We must take every opportunity to hold elected leaders accountable, regardless of political party.

Charges dropped against ‘postal defenders’ — again

Defendants didn't get a speedy trial in criminal trespass case over civil disobedience

Rogue Uber steamrolls into Portland … after law-abiding Union Cab waited 22 months for permits

City of Portland says it will rewrite rules by April 9 to make Uber legal

Labor gets ready for an action-packed session of the Oregon Legislature

With strong Democratic majorities in the state house and senate, the mood is optimistic

The high cost of low wages

Report says quarter of Oregon's work force is low-wage, and too many rely on public benefits

Labor-backed alliance to push bold agenda in the state capitol

2015 could be a breakthrough year for pro-worker legislation