Monthly Archives: October, 2013

SEIU files five prospective Oregon ballot initiatives on hospital reform

Hospitals would have to do charity care, disclose prices and quality, charge fair rates, cap CEO pay

NAFTA-style TPP delayed, but fast track may come up

The deal covering 12 Pacific Rim nations was supposed to be signed, sealed and delivered last month

SeaTac voters to decide on $15 minimum wage

The Nov. 5 ballot measure would lift estimated 6,500 workers in transportation and hospitality

Carpenters Food Bank closes its doors

For 30 years, union volunteers handed out food boxes, up to 850 a month

Teacher strike looms at Portland Public Schools

The district wants concessions, and won't meet directly with the union.

“Grand bargain” in Congress?

The shutdown was a case of failed political brinksmanship.

Strike on horizon at City of Portland

City denies vacation requests, and union gets "ready to walk"

Strike at PIRG call center marks two-year union drive

Two years after voting to unionize, no contract, but no surrender either.

Kitzhaber’s Grand Bargain: Pension cuts for retired Oregon schoolteachers, tax cuts for wealthy business owners

In special session, Oregon lawmakers cut $4.9 billion in pension benefits, $500M in business taxes

As Clark County looks at charter change, union members run for ‘freeholder’

Four unionists are among 110 vying for 15 spots as charter “freeholders” in the Nov. 5 election

Labor backs Washington measure to label GMOs

Monsanto opposes the requirement to label genetically engineered foods.

KBOO employees ratify first-ever contract

The one-year agreement locks in existing policies and gives workers "just cause" protections

Carpenters Food Bank will close

Begun in 1983 to help unemployed and striking union members, it ran 30 years

Oregon AFL-CIO looks to build “strong voice” coalition

Delegates admit labor can't go it alone and, like national AFL, resolve to make a big tent bigger

Resolved, that the Oregon AFL-CIO will …

Delegates voted more policy resolutions than in previous years, and nearly all passed unanimously

Convention Center hotel closer to breaking ground

Hyatt would be neutral toward hotel workers unionizing.

Unions turn out to support coal export terminal in Longview

At a public hearing, 2,000 attend: unionists for the jobs, and environmentalists against the coal

UO faculty win major raises and job security in first contract

Profs get wage floor, raises averaging 11.75%, and multi-year appointments for term-to-termers