Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Loren Parks backs a “right-to-work” initiative aimed at Oregon ballot

The 2014 measure would make public employee union dues strictly voluntary

Oregon Legislature says ‘Build the Bridge!’

Lawmakers authorize $450 million for I-5 Bridge Replacement.

Oregon AFL-CIO E-Board endorses immigration reform

A national poll shows union member support for immigration reform.

AFL-CIO touts filmed-in-Portland HBO documentary American Winter

Eight Portland families struggle, in documentary airing March 18

Where’s the love? Is TriMet planning to bar access to the Labor Press?

ATU wants bargaining to be public. TriMet wants it limited to certain media. A judge will decide.

Ken Jette, 1935-2013

The American Postal Workers Union activist worked at Portland’s main post office for 45 years.

Bill Fritz, 1945-2013

A labor educator, he headed the Portland office of UO's Labor Education and Research Center

Five years in, still no flood of unionization through card check

Just 2,487 public employees have unionized since Oregon's card check law passed.

Union movement must evolve to speak, advocate, and fight for all workers

The AFL-CIO convention in Los Angeles will look at new and old strategies for building a movement.

OSU graduate research assistants vote to unionize

AFT adds 781 grad students, who vote 9 to 1 in favor of unionization.

Dick Schwarz retires from AFT-Oregon

The longtime AFT leader helped bring down perennial union foe Bill Sizemore.

United Grain locks out ILWU Local 4

United Grain says it took the action after equipment sabotage by a union leader.