36 died on the job in Oregon in 2011

Steven Allen, Millwright
Kevin Barber, Technical trainer
Kevin Bates, Log truck driver
Debbie Benton-Higbee, Beauty salon owner
Michael Clark, Rancher
Orville Cottrill, Plumber
Orlando Espinoza, Mill worker
Timothy Franklin, Agricultural project manager
Randy Froerer, Farmer
Scott Fuller, Electrician
Adela Guadalupe-Navaro, Mental health counselor
Nicholas Hammel, Delivery driver
Shane Hansen, Rodeo instructor
Buddy Herron, Correctional officer
Randy Hodges, Constructionist
David Hoogerhyde, Truck driver
Martin Hundley, Plant manager
Bradley Jensen, Farm worker
Jeromy Judd, Warehouse worker
John Kilcullen, Police officer
Kenneth Kreutzer, Truck driver
Brian Lacy, Construction worker
Hung Le, Auto mechanic
Juan Lopez, Logger
Ruben Mata, Security worker
Robert Meyer, Farmer
Daniel Miller, Heavy machinery mechanic
Keith Ockenden, Truck driver
Jim Peterson, Fisherman
Dean Pollard, Truck driver
Harold Ross, Logger
David Spooner, Truck driver
Brian Trambley, Timber faller
Justin Tyler, Hook tender
Tiodoro Villasenor, Logger
Martin Wirta, Maintenance technician

(Names on this fatality list are compiled from Oregon-OSHA reports, workers’ compensation data, and newspaper reports. Deaths do not include victims of heart attacks on the job.)


United States Marines
Corporal Adam J. Buyes
Salem, Oregon

United States Army
Master Sgt Danial R. Adams
Hillsboro, Oregon

United States Navy
Ryley Gallinger-Long
Cornelius, Oregon

United States Army
Private First Class Brice M. Scott
Eugene, Oregon

Oregon National Guard
Specialist Andrew Evan Lara
Albany, Oregon

United States Marines
Sergeant Matthew J. Deyoung
Talent, Oregon

133 Oregonians or those with close ties to Oregon have died while serving in the War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq:

  • 20 from the Oregon National Guard
  • 1 from the Washington National Guard
  • 2 from the New York National Guard
  • 71 from the U.S. Army
  • 3 from the U.S. Army Reserve
  • 27 from the U.S. Marine Corps
  • 2 from the U.S. Air Force
  • 7 from the U.S. Navy

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