Dosha Salon Spa fires another union supporter


Philip Aust

Dosha Salon Spa, a local chain of Aveda-branded spas, is amassing quite a rap sheet with the National Labor Relations Board. Communications Workers of America Local 7901 — the union that Dosha workers voted in March 2011 to join — filed two more charges against the company in February, bringing to 10 the total charges filed.

The latest: Dosha suspended for a month — and on Feb. 20 terminated — massage therapist Philip Aust; and denied hostess Sarah Pearson her right to have a union steward as a witness when called into a manager’s office.

Aust’s termination follows that of pro-union massage therapist Mary Christ, who was fired in September after wearing the union’s trademark red feather earrings in a workplace show of solidarity. An NLRB investigation determined that Christ was fired for her union sympathies, and a federal administrative law judge is scheduled March 20 to hear that and other charges.

[For the complete back story on Dosha, click here.]

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  1. Just called Dosha to schedule a massage w/Philip and was told he was gone. He and I had talked several times about his involvement w/Union organizing etc. and going out on his own. My life has been crazy busy and I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I’ve seen him for a massage. I would love to know if Philip is working anywhere else or finally able to work on his own. Please feel free to share my contact info. with him or send me his contact info. Don’t use facebook so that isn’t an avenue for me. I really need a massage and don’t want to go to anyone else if he is still working as a massaage therapist. THANKS!

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