Monthly Archives: December, 2010

BULL Session golf tournament raises $300,000 for kids charities

Nine children’s charities were presented with the proceeds of this year’s 20th annual Business Union and Labor Leaders Charity Golf Tournament. A total of $300,000 was distributed to local charities that benefit children needing long-term chronic care, short-term respite, and end-of-life care. Since its inception in 1990, the BULL session has raised over $4 million.

Pre-apprentice program offers direct entry into Carpenters

The Constructing Hope Pre-Apprenticeship Program held a graduation ceremony for 13 trainees Dec. 2 at the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute. Constructing Hope, a faith-based non-profit, recruits ex-offenders, minorities, and low-income residents for free training to build skills and knowledge of the construction industry.

Union volunteers help build home for injured Iraq war veteran

Members of several trades unions were among scores of volunteers who helped build a new home for injured Iraq war veteran SPC Kevin Pannell. Pannell was serving in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division when he was severely injured on June 13, 2004.

Help is out there for long-term unemployed

For union members in need, by far the two biggest sources of help are unemployment insurance and food stamps. In the Portland area, unions refer hardship cases to Labor's Community Service Agency.

The U.S. political system has been hijacked by rich, political scientists say

In their new book Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer and Turned Its Back on the Middle Class, political scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson demonstrate that America’s runaway inequality wasn’t caused by impersonal economic forces, but by a political system that has been hijacked by the super-rich. The Labor Press spoke with Pierson by phone.

Delta remains non-union as fourth group votes to reject unionization

Delta Air Lines customer service workers voted Dec. 7 not to join the Machinists. It was the fourth major union defeat at Delta since heavily unionized Northwest Airlines merged into largely nonunion Delta. Altogether, unions stood to gain 34,000 new members, but instead lost 17,000 existing members.

Kulongoski report takes aim at state employees’ compensation

Oregon's outgoing governor is proposing that next year's Legislature make a series of cuts to state employee compensation.

AFSCME’s Ridderbusch named to governor-elect’s transition team

Oregon AFSCME staff rep Randy Ridderbusch has been named to Governor-elect John Kitzhaber’s transition team regarding the Department of Human Services, the Department of Corrections and the Oregon Youth Authority.

PSU students help preserve Transit Union Local 757’s history

Several Portland State University students conducted oral history interviews with Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757 retirees Paul Headley and Ken Richins.

Apollo Alliance honors Bob Baugh

Bob Baugh, former secretary-treasurer of the Oregon AFL-CIO and current executive director of the national AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council, received the Apollo Alliance’s Right Stuff Award. The award honors outstanding individuals working to catalyze the new clean energy economy.

Bend Area Transit terminates union leader

The top union officer at Bend Area Transit has been fired for what he says are pretextual causes, after months of stepped-up scrutiny from management.

Voters in four states ban union ‘card-check’

Voters in four Republican-dominated states passed measures Nov. 2 to ban the “card check” method of unionizing. But the measures may be struck down in the courts, because they encroach on rights protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

Machinists Union loses Delta elections; complaint filed

In a pair of votes in November, the Machinists lost a campaign to represent 13,800 Delta Air Lines workers. The votes follow on the heels of a Nov. 3 loss by Association of Flight Attendants among 20,000 Delta flight attendants.

Mohlis, Byrd named to governor-elect’s transition team

Oregon Governor-elect John Kitzhaber campaigned on job creation, and even before taking office announced the formation of five teams aimed at helping grow Oregon’s economy. Each team will develop statutory and regulatory recommendations for the legislative session that begins Feb. 1.

Poor economy leads to layoffs at OR-OSHA

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration has laid off 10 employees so far this year, including longtime labor liaison David Sparks.

IBEW and NECA light up The Grotto, once again

Volunteer electricians from IBEW Local 48 helped The Grotto in Northeast Portland get ready for its annual Festival of Lights electricians, mounting panels and assembling temporary power boxes that supply power to more than half a million lights and fiber-optic and animated displays.