Portland City Council questions USPS plans

Portland City Council is asking the U.S. Postal Service to hold a local public hearing about its plan to consolidate mail sorting in Oregon.

Unionists protest plans for postal hub that would increase driving by letter carriers

Instead of sorting mail in the post office closest to their routes, letter carriers will drive to a massive sorting facility in Hillsboro.

USPS may stop processing mail in Eugene and Medford

If the proposed changes are approved, items mailed in Medford or Eugene would be first trucked to Portland, then trucked back.

Postal unions to Biden: Stop stalling and fill postal board vacancies

Postal workers have repeatedly protested plans to slow mail, raise prices, close postal facilities, and pave the way for privatization.

U.S. House passes postal reform in a lopsided bipartisan vote

HR 3076 would end the $5 billion yearly prepayment of future retirees’ health care costs, a requirement which causes nearly all USPS losses.

Time to remove the Postmaster General

DeJoy’s 10-year plan is slowing the mail, raising prices, cutting and closing postal facilities, and outsourcing postal work.

Labor rallies against Postal Service slowdowns, calls for DeJoy’s ouster

The Postmaster’s new 10-year plan will slow First Class and parcel deliveries, raise prices, close post offices, and outsource postal work.

As USPS turns 246, unions vow to keep it going

Union and community members celebrated the 246th birthday of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) at a rally July 26.

Postal unions alarmed by parts of postmaster general’s plan

Postmaster General DeJoy's 10-year plan to save USPS would slow first class mail delivery, reduce post office hours, and raise prices.

Wyden at protest: Save the U.S. Postal Service

Aug. 22 saw demonstrations in support of the U.S. Postal Service at hundreds of post offices around the country.

A threat to democracy

Why would the USPS—a beloved agency that's competitive with private delivery services—be the target of attacks by the Trump administration?

National day of action to save USPS

Portland supporters rally and march over the Hawthorne Bridge.

Mask-wearing supporters call on Congress to rescue USPS

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a 30% drop in mail volume. The Postmaster General says USPS will run out of money by September. 

Postmaster General named ‘Scrooge of the Year’ by Jobs with Justice

The group accuses him of dismantling the postal service

Postal workers cheer postmaster general’s resignation

Call for a moratorium on USPS’s plan to close 82 mail sorting centers — three of them in Oregon

Charges against ‘postal defenders’ dropped

A judge dismissed criminal charges in a two-year-old civil disobedience protest case

Top postal executive’s visit to Vancouver draws protest

Protesters blasted postal facility closures and service cuts

Charges dropped against 3 ‘postal protectors’

The three activists were arrested blocking a private truck contracted to transport the U.S. mail

Ben Franklin would be rolling in his grave

The union boycott of Staples is growing, in protest of postal privatization.

Staples boycott grows

Unions boycott Staples after it contracts with USPS to staff mini-post offices in stores.