U.S. Senate

Lawmakers look to boost NLRB funding

With labor activity on the rise this year, 40 U.S. senators say the National Labor Relations Board needs more funding to keep up.

Senators to CEO Schultz: Stop your union-busting

Starbucks’ boss says only nonunion stores will get raises. Lawmakers called him out for his attempts to dissuade unionizing.

Questions for Senator Merkley

With Democrats now in charge of the Senate, Oregon’s Jeff Merkley could help pass major pro-worker legislation. We spoke by phone Jan. 28.

FedEx executive will be Trump’s new OSHA chief

Scott Mugno got the thumbs up from a Senate Committee in a party-line vote Dec. 13.

Without filibuster reform, worker rights will wither

Employers are increasingly lawless as the NLRB sits vacant