Furor over GOP tax bills

Senate Republicans passed a sweeping package of tax changes in the dead of night Dec. 1. The bill reduces taxes dramatically on corporations and high-income taxpayers, while raising them slightly on many working people.


Trickle-down Trump

President Trump’s tax cut proposal is a continuation of President Reagan’s failed tax plan, or “Trickle Down Economics.”


Measure 97: The Game Changer

After decades of legislative failure to solve the state’s revenue problem, union-sponsored Measure 97 will make a better Oregon —by asking giant corporations to pay their fair share. And that could lead to similar efforts around the country.

No Picture

Oregon Legislative session 2011 a mixed bag for labor

Oregon lawmakers wrapped up the 2011 Legislative session June 30. If there was anything memorable in it for working people, it was that lawmakers finally cut corporate tax breaks down to size … except when they were giving out new ones. It was also the year that the Oregon Legislature gave state agencies a new aspirational goal: Lay off managers, not just front-line state employees. In a state with 9.6 percent unemployment, the closest lawmakers got to passing a jobs bill was a pilot project that will employ some workers on energy efficiency retrofits of public schools, or maybe the new law removing procedural roadblocks to pipelines and other “linear” construction projects.