Congress repeals ‘Cadillac’ tax

Two features of Obamacare that were opposed by organized labor were eliminated in a bill President Donald Trump signed into law Dec. 20.

‘It’s Not Over’ — Unions join fight to defend Obamacare

Sens. Merkley and Wyden, and Rep. Bonamici urge Oregonians to keeping pushing back on GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The end of Obamacare?

The American Health Care Act, dubbed Trumpcare, would worsen Obamacare’s flaws.

Congress delays Cadillac tax

Labor has two more years to kill the tax on costly health plans – Obamacare’s most hated feature

Bipartisan push to kill Obamacare ‘Cadillac tax’

What do Hillary, Bernie and Paul Ryan have in common? They want to dump the looming Cadillac tax

As Obamacare insurance exchanges near launch, labor braces for impact

Labor-affiliated health trusts are locked out of Obamacare’s benefits, and forced to pay its costs

Public confusion and partisan divide as Obamacare turns two

Polls show the public doesn't know much about the health care reform law two years after passage.