Voodoo Doughnut workers relaunch union effort

Doughnut Workers United has begun a second campaign to organize downtown Portland’s Voodoo Doughnut store.

Labor novel of the year: The Cold Millions, by Jess Walter

The Cold Millions, by bestselling author Jess Walter, chronicles the Wobbly free speech fights of 1909 Spokane.

At Portland icon Voodoo Doughnuts, workers announce they’ve formed a union

Feeling unsafe at a crowded and stressful donut shop that pays at or near minimum wage, workers have nowhere to go but up.

Following nine firings, Little Big Burger stays non-union

Workers at Portland burger chain Little Big Burger voted 41 to 29 to stay non-union in an election that the company asked the National Labor Relations Board to hold.

Little Big Burger, hoping to squash Little Big Union, calls for election

Supporters of the grassroots union say the burger chain has fired several union supporters and is campaigning against the union.

A union-busting billionaire mulls a run for president

A Seattle-area unionist has bitter memories of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

IWW union hall vandalized

Local labor unionists pledge solidarity after the union hall is targeted by a right-wing group.

Hawthorne Burgerville becomes the third to formally unionize

Meanwhile, Burgerville has agreed to no tangible improvements since contract bargaining began in May.

Starbucks settles with fired pro-union worker

Starbucks pays a fired Portland barista to settle charges, after federal agency issues complaint.