Clark College

Management bloat: At Clark College, more administrators, fewer staff 

Unions say ongoing budget cuts are part of a pattern that is undermining Clark College’s ability to provide a quality education.

Strike wins big gains for faculty at Clark College

Not only do faculty get raises of roughly $10,000 a year, but the new contract reduces the college’s incentive to shift course load to lower-paid part-timers.

Clark College instructors wage first-ever strike

The instructors want catch-up raises, and they want part-time faculty to be paid at the same rate as full time faculty.

Clark College faculty vote to authorize strike

Up to 550 faculty members could strike as soon as next month if the college doesn't agree to catch-up raises and lower the disparity between full and part time faculty.

Clark College faculty press for pay parity with K-12 teachers

Union leaders say faculty haven't had more than cost-of-living raises in decades.