American Association of University Professors

Faculty unionize at OSU and OIT

Oregon’s labor movement just grew by 2,500 new members.

Oregon State University faculty launch union campaign

OSU professors could join the union that represents fellow faculty at UO and PSU, and WOU.

PSU grad student faculty ratify their first-ever union contract

The three-year deal covers about 800 workers and is the culmination of a joint campaign by AFT-Oregon and American Association of University Professors.

PSU graduate assistants file for union recognition

When it becomes official in about 3 weeks, PSU will have 800 new union members.

PSU won’t fight union campaign among its grad students

A memo from school administration orders managers to stay neutral.

Graduate employees at Portland State form union, ask president for neutrality

Grad student employees are already unionized at UO and OSU.

PSU profs say new contract is Step 1 in combatting creeping corporatization

Greater job security, and modest raises, will help stabilize faculty

Portland State University professors authorize strike

AAUP says they’re ready to walk out to promote greater stability and defend faculty role in governance

PSU professors set timetable for strike

Top issues are low pay, job insecurity, and lack of respect

Oregon’s most proletarian professors protest bottom 10 percent pay

Talks head into mediation with PSU proposing less-than-inflation raises

Oregon University System getting tough with unions

OUS wants union rights concessions, a shift in health costs and raises less than inflation

University of Oregon at $320,000 (and counting) in talks with union

An outside law firm employing the former UO president heads up the administration’s bargaining team

Oregon Supreme Court ruling expands union grievance rights

Workers can’t be denied union grievance rights just because they’re pursuing outside legal action.

University of Oregon backs off its challenge to faculty union

United Academics is certified after Governor Kitzhaber weighs in.

UO opposes union unit in ERB filing

UO spent $25,000 for a consultant to prepare a web page expressing common anti-union themes.

University of Oregon faculty on track to unionize

A major factor is growing concern among faculty about the “corporatization” of the university.