Allegheny Technologies Inc.

At a titanium plant in Albany, managers squelch union drive

At ATI Cast Products, a blitz of anti-union meetings turned a pro-union majority to a minority and resulted in a 285-179 vote against joining the United Steelworkers.

USW reaches deal to end ATI lockout

New hires won't get pension benefits under the deal between USW and ATI.

NLRB says ATI lockout of Steelworkers is illegal

If a judge agrees, the company could owe over $50 million in back pay for locking out workers.

ATI Albany Steelworkers: Locked out, but standing proud

Picketers think a strike or lockout was ATI’s plan all along, but they're not about to give up.

Belts tighten as ATI lockout of union Steelworkers enters fourth month

The locked out steelworkers are struggling to get by on $538 a week in unemployment benefits.

Locked-out workers seek support in ATI struggle

ATI’s nationwide lockout of 2,200 steel workers is entering its sixth week.

ATI locks out steelworkers in Albany and around the country

Final offer would slash health benefits and end pension for new hires