June 7, 2024 issue

Girls, there’s a future for you in the trades

An estimated 1,500 girls from 86 schools attended Oregon Tradeswomen’s annual career fair May 17, which showcases careers in the trades.

Local 11 wins big contract gains at NW Natural

Workers won a commitment to return to a defined benefit pension if details pass muster, plus wage increases totaling 24% over four years.

UAW loses election at Mercedes plant in Alabama

UAW is challenging the vote result in filings with the NLRB, saying Mercedes illegally interfered with the election.

Washington GOP staffers first to unionize, and Dem staffers follow

The Public Employment Relations Commission will schedule elections to determine if the unions have majority support of their respective units.

Union ironworker dies after workplace accident at Benson High School

Samantha “Sam” Deschenes was 33, and leaves behind a nine-year-old son. Union members are contributing to help her family.

Labor counts wins in May primary

Oregon labor organizations saw mostly wins among endorsed political campaigns in the May 21 primary, and a number had a union background.

Springfield hospice nurses settle contract with PeaceHealth

The new agreement raises wages but fails to deliver the demand of the strike: for them to be paid the same as in-hospital nurses.

NLRB confirms union loss at Blue Star Donuts

Some ballots had been challenged by the employer, and the union asked the NLRB to count those votes and possibly reverse the election results.

For clues about our future, look to our past 

Amid widening wage and wealth gaps, it’s little wonder that an ever-growing number of people see labor unions as part of the solution.

L&I says Boeing stiffed its workers on travel pay

Boeing has paid over $11.5 million to 495 employees to resolve complaints that it failed properly pay and account for required travel time.