Collective bargaining

Major union contracts coming up for negotiation in 2011

Employers — both private and public sector — propose takebacks in a bad economy.

ATU dispute with TriMet persists; conciliator called in

Before leaving office, Gov. Kulongoski asked a state conciliator to help resolve the dispute.

UNITE HERE warns of possible labor disputes at Northwest hotels

Union contracts expire this summer at a number of Portland and Seattle hotels.

Union pilots at Evergreen Airlines authorize strike

Union pilots voted to strike if no agreement is reached. Bargaining has been going on for six years.

Transit Union pickets TriMet board meeting

Members of ATU Local 757 held an informational picket at a Nov. 10 TriMet board of directors meeting. ATU is trying to raise public awareness of a contract dispute it has with the transit agency.

Transit Union 757 pushes back

TriMet board members got some heat Oct. 28 over the transit agency’s decision to impose terms on union members while it waits for an arbitrator to pick between union and management final contract offers.

ATU balks at Tri-Met plan to impose contract

While ATU Local 757 officers were away attending the convention of their international union, TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane announced a wage freeze and a requirement that employees contribute to health insurance premiums — without the agreement of the union.

DCTU reaches tentative contract with City of Portland

Following months of often contentious bargaining, a coalition of seven unions representing 1,800 city employees reached a tentative agreement with the City of Portland on a new three-year contract.

Portland school teachers reach tentative contract

Deal reached nine days after impasse.

Portland parking meter techs win fight against outsourcing

Six parking meter technicians will get $28,300 each because City violated outsourcing rules

After 18 months, Portland school teachers still without contract

Sticking points include health care, wages, workload, and layoff language.

Portland Public Schools backs off hardline stance

Portland Public Schools (PPS) appears ready to bury the hatchet after a long-running standoff with three of its unions. On Feb. 5, PPS announced a...

Labor still reeling from 1981 PATCO strike

The strike had a broad impact on labor, says Georgetown University history professor Joseph McCartin.